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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nigeria's Tribulation and Beyond

Last Update March 11, 2017

This is not a Scripture study. It is a plea for your anguished prayer.

A plea for fasting and a plea for action because Nigeria and beyond is in tribulation in Africa as Christians face daily persecution and the sorrow of death from terrorist Islamic affliction including bombings, armed attacks, kidnappings, murder, sexual assaults, slavery arson, hijackings, slavery and more. This Christian tribulation comes from extreme radical Islam's Boko Haram.

The United States Department of Defense defines terrorism as “the calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear; intended to coerce or to intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious, or ideological.”

The Bible calls this "tribulation" and there are three key elements: fear, intimidation and deadly violence.

Nigeria's tribulation is tied to the horrors that al-Qaida afflicted in America with the terror attacks of 9/11. Since that time, the west has begun the war on terror, the Bible also calls this time "Jacob's Trouble" because it's tied to Esau and Ishmael's clans but the media calls it "terrorism".

Terrorists have found refuge in countries that attract terrorists and extremists for training and conspiring their religious persecution through tribulation. Today, the threat and intimidation is isolated in waves like birth pangs, it may have not reached the phase of global pandemic of great tribulation but the virus of evil is spreading everywhere.

Our duty is to do everything we can and to provide prayer and support for anyone that faces the abyss of tribulation.

We must do all we can whether the tribulation is in Nigeria from Boko Haram, or anywhere that we see "Jacob's Trouble" on the horizon.

In Nigeria, Boko Haram was founded by Muhammad Yusuf. Its terror has been active since 2002, but in 2010, Abubakar Shekau took command of Boko Haram and he announced that “jihad has begun” and he turned his focus of horror on targeting women and children.

You may not realize it due to the currently disinfected reports from our moderated, western news sources here in the U.S. but if you are like I was and thinking that "Tribulation" is down the road in the prophetic time-line for those that profess Christianity in a rapture escape... then think again, re-read your Bible and what Jesus has to say, believe the words of truth from Messiah's warning:
"For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these [are] the beginning of sorrows.

Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake.

And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another." Matthew 24:7-10
Just like the tribulation events we are seeing today in Syria, Egypt, Iran or Iraq where Christians face tribulation from Muslim factions, in Nigeria, the Boko Haram terrorists are brutally attacking and murdering thousands at scores of churches, schools, malls and Christian homes across northern Nigeria with knives, bullets, bombs and fire bombs on a daily basis. The simple reason for this is that a Christian is considered to be an infidel by the Muslim fanatics. Christians are condemned as infidels for their belief in the concept of the 'Trinity" and for their acceptance of Jesus as the Son of God as well as their rejection of Mohammed as "The Prophet". The Muslim attacks are credited to the words of the Qu'ran:

"Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors. And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from whence they drove you out, and persecution is severer than slaughter, and do not fight with them at the Sacred Mosque until they fight with you in it, but if they do fight you, then slay them; such is the recompense of the unbelievers." — Qur'an 2:191

Nigeria is becoming much like Sudan where nearly 2.5 million people have already been killed according to by the Janjaweed, the Arab Muslim government sponsored militia, and many more Christians face hatred and the prospect of death for what they profess to believe just as Jesus (Yeshua) said.

Tribulation in Africa is not just within Nigeria and Sudan. It is spreading like a virus as extreme radical Islamists to the north in Somalia extend into the crucible of the Middle East where Christianity is vanishing and where the Jewish people in Israel face the risk of rockets raining down like fire from heaven on a daily basis from the Gaza.

Radical hatred is pouring into Africa, radicalizing some of the Muslim population with an objective to drive Christians out or murder them for their faith. The evil of the Sharia effect has been increasing attacks against Christians in the Sudan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda as Christians face the tribulation foretold by the prophets and Messiah Yeshua.

This is happening in real time, right now - despite the American "end-time" book sellers and the sermonizers that predict some future "pre-trib" in which Christians will not even exist on Earth during the kind of tribulation that is taking place all around the Holy Land. It blows my mind to see people turn their back and ignore these horrors because they think they will have be whisked away in a cloud puff of safe hiding in Heaven. So where's the rapture bus in Africa or the Middle East, did it take a wrong turn?

Seriously, are we that blind, that self-centered... ignoring this reality?

If so, God forgive us, we must repent of this egotistical, prideful attitude NOW and get on our knees!!

We must consider the faithful in Nigeria... We must do something too. First, pray for them. Plead for those in Sudan and all of North Africa. Pray for them on your knees. Pray for those in Syria, Iraq, Iran and in Lebanon as well.

This is not just some pre-trib warm up! The terror of tribulation is horrific and grievous and soon it will spread. The Bible is focused on the Middle East and Africa. It always has been. Some people even forget Egypt is in Africa. Just ask the Believers who have lost friends and family members there... but you better get ready to duck if you doubt their tribulation.

In Nigeria, Boko Haram's radically extreme Islamists have machine gunned and fire bombed whole Christian congregations, killing worshipers while in church groups or schools. The often are killing hundreds over their weekend sprees of death and the many of those Christians that have lost their lives have been women and children.

They have targeted the slaughter of many local Christian village pastors and executed the children of Muslims that have converted to Christianity. These murders and assassinations have gone on for well over a year in Nigeria. The 5th Seal broke in the Sudan in 1983 when Government of Sudan and the Sudan's People Liberation Movement began their tribulation.

The Christian world in Africa has not seen any pre-trib rapture for these saints who will be glorified by The Lord God Almighty as promised by Revelation 6:9:
"I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain because of the word of God and the testimony they had maintained."
Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and is ranked 7th in the world's population with 167 million only behind China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil and Pakistan.

It's Christian persecution is much like that we have seen over the past 20 years in Indonesia and in other countries around the globe.

The future is now. Wake up, sober up America!

Revelation's 5th seal contagion of terror is spreading and you are not even praying. Christians are virtually extinct in most of the Middle East and their persecution in Syria can be considered a rampage by the al-Qaeda backed rebels. It is the same as the Coptic Christian persecution in Egypt from the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

You can learn more about the Facts on Nigerian Violence where Boko Haram, a radical Islamic jihadist and takfiri militant terrorist organization based in northeast Nigeria has staged murderous attacks and forcibly converted non-Muslim survivors to Islam.

Nigeria has about twice the population of Egypt and 30 million more people than Russia, 40 million more than Japan and 53 million more than Mexico for crying out loud. It's population is more than 100 million more than the individual populations of the U.K., France or Italy. Nigeria's not some isolated place that you may have envisioned. It is larger than the population of Turkey and Iran combined.

The facts today are that roughly 50% of all Nigerians are Sunni Muslims in the Sharia dominated north, and 50% are Christian, generally in the south. If you have not seen the headlines, below are some of the horrific news reports that you need to know about so that you can do something and pray.

If you think violence is isolated to some Mideast desert or African jungle, think again. There is a direct correlation between the growth of Islam and the rise in tribulation across the planet.


Tribulation Updates


Prayer updates are posted here because the time is now - time to do something.

The first is to pray for peace and protection in Nigeria and beyond! Pray alone or start a counter-tribulation prayer group and pray not only for Nigeria, but pray for the Sudan, Somalia, Mali, Gambia, Chad, Cameroon and Niger as terror throughout Africa's Lake Chad Basin area from Boko Haram's raids and suicide bombings targeting Christians are causing widespread tribulation as grave concern is growing for some 20 million at risk people in the Sahel area.

It's not just radical Islamic terrorism, famine is everywhere as well as plagues as epidemics continue to demand urgent attention including cholera, meningitis, yellow fever and ebola all pose very serious threats.

Also pray for those in other nations facing grave tribulation. These include Libya as well as North Korea, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, India, Yemen, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Only a few of the stories of tribulation in northern Nigeria are posted here, but you can get more insight at MorningStar News an independent news service focusing exclusively on the deadly persecution of Christians, or check ReliefWeb as they provide a world map interactive graphic that will allow you to visualize the news with maps on global crisis in real time as well as view a a disaster map that ReliefWeb provides so that you will not be discouraged, but encouraged to pray as a warrior.

Please pray. Pray for the gospel, pray for peace, pray for healing as your heart leads you to do something and freely give the offering of your prayer.

As you pray you must know that this terror of tribulation, this scorching heat is connected to Biblical prophecy, don't just sit there. Pray now and you will join the prayers of incense of those that are begin martyred. Their prayers are a part of prophecy. Their prayers are like those described in Revelation:
"After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!”" Revelation 7:9-10

"Then one of the elders addressed me, saying, “Who are these, clothed in white robes, and from where have they come?” I said to him, “Sir, you know.” And he said to me, “These are the ones coming out of the great tribulation. They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb." Revelation 7:13-14

"When the Lamb opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour. Then I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them. And another angel came and stood at the altar with a golden censer, and he was given much incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne, and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel." Revelation 8:1-4
Below is the national plea for your prayer from former President Jonathan of Nigeria:
"Your prayers can transform the attitudes of those who do not believe in the progress and peace of our country, so pray that God will touch them so they can change for the better... only prayers could sustain a nation like Nigeria."
March 11, 2017: UN: World facing greatest humanitarian crisis since 1945

"The world is facing its largest humanitarian crisis since 1945, the United Nations says, issuing a plea for help to avoid "a catastrophe".

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O'Brien said that more than 20 million people faced the threat of starvation and famine in Yemen, Somalia, South Sudan and Nigeria.

Unicef has already warned 1.4m children could starve to death this year.

Mr O'Brien said $4.4bn (£3.6bn) was needed by July to avert disaster.

"We stand at a critical point in history," Mr O'Brien told the Security Council on Friday. "Already at the beginning of the year we are facing the largest humanitarian crisis since the creation of the United Nations."

"Now, more than 20 million people across four countries face starvation and famine. Without collective and coordinated global efforts, people will simply starve to death. Many more will suffer and die from disease."

"These two things are come unto thee; who shall be sorry for thee? desolation, and destruction, and the famine, and the sword: by whom shall I comfort thee?" Isaiah 51:19
February 24, 2017 Reuters reports: Egypt's Christians flee Sinai amid Islamic State killing spree

"Christian families and students fled Egypt's North Sinai province in droves on Friday after Islamic State killed the seventh member of their community in just three weeks.

A Reuters reporter saw 25 families gathered with their belongings in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia's Evangelical Church and church officials said 100 families, out of around 160 in North Sinai, were fleeing. More than 200 students studying in Arish, the province's capital, have also left.

Seven Christians have been killed in Arish between Jan. 30 and Thursday. Islamic State, which is waging an insurgency there, claimed responsibility for the killings, five of which were shootings. One man was beheaded and another set on fire."

February 20, 2017: Beyond Nigeria, the World Watch Monitor reports: "The Islamic State has released a propaganda video, vowing to wipe out Egypt’s Coptic Christians and “liberate Cairo”."

In January, Open Doors published the results of their annual report on Christian persecution and the watch list global persecution map of nations is appalling. Nigeria's 12th on the list just behind Libya among the top 50 countries where it is most difficult if not impossible to profess and practice the Christian faith.

Please pray for all nations and people in grave tribulation.

December 30, 2016: A report from Italy's the Center for Studies on New Religions "Persecuzioni anticristiane. Introvigne: 90 mila uccisi nel 2016" has been reported by Vatican Radio horrifically stating the number of Christians killed for their faith this year:

"The influential Center for Study of Global Christianity next month will publish its statistics in 2016, about 90,000 Christians killed for their faith, one death every six minutes, a bit 'decreased compared to 105,000 two years does. Of these, 70 percent, or 63,000, were killed in tribal conflicts in Africa.

The American Center include them in the statistics because they believed that in large part it is Christians who refuse to take for reasons of conscience weapons. The other 30 percent, or 27,000, comes instead from terrorist attacks, destruction of Christian villages, governmental persecution, as in the case of North Korea."

December 13, 2016: Nigeria: Kebbi Christians face latent pressure to abandon faith

"While violent attacks on Christians at the hands of Islamist militants Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen in the northeast and Middle Belt of Nigeria have captured media attention, the persistent social pressures Christians face elsewhere go mostly unnoticed.

Despite common misperceptions that they are a minority across the north of Nigeria, Christians still form the majority in half of the 12 northern states now all under Islamic law (although they are in theory exempt from Sharia provision), while there are high concentrations (25-50%) in the other northern states.

In a remote community in the north-western, Sharia-governed state of Kebbi, Christians face discrimination and persistent pressure to convert to Islam."

October 26, 2016: A report today from WorldWatch Monitor recounts the violence and terror against Christians from 2013-2016 in the Nigerian state of Nasarawa by Hausa-Fulani herdsmen.

Nigerian Middle Belt state: 800+ Christians killed, 800+ injured, 100+ churches destroyed

"Nigeria’s Middle Belt is the scene of ever-continuing attacks on Christian farmers by mainly Muslim Hausa-Fulani herdsmen, including this past week where attacks have occurred in both Kaduna and Benue states. Now a recent report about another state in the Middle Belt, Nasarawa, shows that it too has been the scene of serious violence against Christians. In the period January 2013–May 2016, 826 Christians were killed and 878 injured. There were 102 churches destroyed or damaged.

Beside these, 787 houses were destroyed, as well as nine shops, and 32 motorised vehicles. Many families were completely deprived of their livelihoods. Around 21,000 Christians were reported as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in different camps inside and outside Nasarawa. Due to the difficult security situation, the authors of the in-depth fact-finding report are convinced that they were only able to report part of what really happened.

Their Nigeria Conflict and Security Analysis Network (NCSAN) report shows that Nasarawa has been engulfed in various forms of conflict since its creation in 1996. Many researchers, policy makers and government officials have explained the conflict in terms of politics, ethnicity and economic contestation over land and resources. In most cases, the religious component of the conflict has been completely downplayed, marginalised, excluded or neglected."

October 20, 2016 40 killed as suspected Fulani herdsmen raid Christian community in Nigeria

"Gunmen believed to be Fulani herdsmen have killed more than 40 people in Godogodo village, a Christian settlement in the Jama’a Local Government Area in Nigeria’s northern state of Kaduna. The area, in the south of Kaduna State, has been attacked several times before.
The gunmen were said to have attacked a military checkpoint in the area before invading the village.

One survivor, Peter Atangi, told World Watch Monitor his four children were all killed.

“The herdsmen came around 9pm on Saturday [15 Oct.]. They invaded our homes after they attacked a military checkpoint. They were armed with sophisticated guns, machetes, knives and sticks. As soon as they came, they started shooting indiscriminately and we started running in different directions.

“They shot and killed my four children. As we ran for our dear lives, they also set our homes on fire. Many of us have been rendered homeless. We don’t know where to start….”"

October 7, 2016: Church in Northern Kenya Fearful after Gruesome Attack on Christians

"NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Church members in a northeastern town in Kenya fear for their lives after Islamic extremists targeted Christians in a grenade and gun attack early Thursday morning (Oct. 6) that killed six people, sources said.
Targeting predominantly Christian migrant workers from Kenya’s interior, rebels from Somalia’s Al Shabaab group reportedly took responsibility for the attack at a residential compound in Mandera, with a spokesman for the militants saying it was designed to drive Christians from the area."

September 22, 2016: As Nigeria's Christians suffer in the horrors of radical Islamic jihad, the African nation of Togo looks to Israel as the key for solutions to Africa's problems: Israel Holds the Key to Africa's Development

"On Thursday September 22, President Faure Gnassingbe participated in a high level meeting organized by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The roundtable gathered key leaders of the continent including President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, President Ernest Bai Koroma of Sierra Leone as well as over 30 African Foreign Ministers.

The meeting galvanized the renewal of the political and economic partnership and friendship between the continent and the Jewish state.

President Gnassingbe, the keynote speaker of the forum, lauded Jerusalem's ambition to deepen its connection with Africa.

The President declared: " Whilst visiting Israel last August I was able to appreciate not only the unique security challenges your nation faces but also to better comprehend how much Israeli expertise can contribute to Africa".

Mr. Gnassingbe stressed " While Israel may not be the sole nation to master the expertise required required to allow the development of the continent, it also is the most dynamic and the most competitive."

The Head of State further added that the African continent requires concrete solutions in terms of security, education and health and further commented that the State of Israel constituted an ideal partner to fulfill the potential of the continent.

The Togolese leader concluded his speech by enticing nations unwilling to cooperate with Israel to jettison their sterile excuses and polemic and to work with Jerusalem in order to safeguard the interest of the continent.

Mr. Gnassingbe also stated:"Africa is beset is difficulties and Israel holds the key to them."

Lome will host the first Africa-Israel Summit in 2017."

August 26, 2016: The Harakat Shabaab al-Mujahidin is commonly known as AlShabaab. They are al Qaeda's affiliate militant wing of the Somali Council of Islamic Courts.

Somalia attack: 10 killed after gunmen raid restaurant, seize hostages

"(CNN)Gunmen raided a beach restaurant in the Somali capital of Mogadishu, killing 10 people and seizing hostages amid fierce battles with security forces, authorities said.

The standoff started Thursday when attackers detonated a car bomb outside the restaurant , according to Bishar Abshir Ghedi, the Mogadishu police commissioner."

"The Somali militant group regularly attacks hotels popular with Westerners in the capital. In June, gunmen stormed a hotel in Mogadishu after detonating a car filled with explosives at the gate -- an attack that left at least 15 people dead and 25 others injured, police said."

August 18, 2016: WorldWatch Monitor report: Nepal Christians attacked while trying to help

"Eight Christians are still awaiting the outcome of their trial, after they became the first people to be charged under Nepal’s new constitution. Their crime? An alleged breach of religious freedom – for distributing pamphlets about Jesus during a trauma seminar in a Christian school, following last year’s devastating earthquake (see video below).

But they are not the only Christians to suffer repercussions following their efforts to provide support. World Watch Monitor visited Champi village, near Kathmandu, to meet a group of Christians attacked in the days that followed, as they tried to distribute corrugated metal sheets to villagers.

As six of them unloaded the sheets from a truck, they were attacked by four of their neighbours, who beat them with steel rods. Other Christian families living nearby tried to stop them, but they were fought off.

“The people who assaulted us live near our house,” said Sunita Kumar, the wife of a local pastor, Suraj. “They pick on us for small reasons, but we stay silent because we are concerned about the safety of our children.”"

August 15, 2016: The no time to forget. Your prayers are needed. Reuters reports Boko Haram video claims to show missing Nigerian school girls
"Nigerian militant group Boko Haram has published a video apparently showing recent footage of dozens of school girls kidnapped two years ago, and saying some of them have been killed in air strikes.

Boko Haram seized more than 270 girls from their school in Chibok, northeast Nigeria, in April 2014, part of a seven-year-old insurgency to set up an Islamic state in the north that has killed some 15,000 people and displaced more than two million.

Dozens of the girls managed to flee to safety in the initial melee, but more than 200 are still missing."
August 12, 2016 Libya ‘chaos’ makes it one of world's most dangerous places to be a Christian
"It’s five years this month since Muammar Gaddafi’s government in Libya was overthrown when rebels stormed his compound and he went into hiding. However, despite high hopes, the ongoing anarchy there now makes it “one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a Christian”, according to a new report by Open Doors International, whose World Watch Research team monitors such developments.

The Church in Libya, made up almost entirely of foreign nationals, was never entirely free to worship during Gaddafi’s reign, notes Libya: Freedom of religion in the land of anarchy, but it says the situation for Christians is now much worse.

“The anarchic political and security condition in contemporary Libya has created [an] environment conducive for radical Islamic groups to persecute Christians blatantly and violently with absolute impunity,” says the report, authored by World Watch Research analyst Yonas Dembele."
August 9, 2016 Algerian Christian gets maximum sentence for ‘blasphemy’
"A Christian in Algeria has been sentenced to five years in prison – the maximum term – and given a heavy fine for blasphemy against Islam and its prophet, for a social media post.
Slimane Bouhafs, 49, appeared before a judge on 7 Aug in the eastern town of Setif (300km from Algiers, the capital) in the Kabylie region.

He was arrested on 31 July for posting a message on social media about the light of Jesus overcoming the “lie” of Islam and its prophet. He also published photos showing the execution of a civilian by an Islamist terrorist.

Such material is judged by the authorities to insult Islam, the state religion in Algeria, according to its Constitution. The penal code provides for a penalty of three to five years in prison, along with a heavy fine, against anyone convicted of insulting Islam and Muhammad, its prophet.

The Vice-President of the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights (LADDH), Said Salhi, denounced what he called “this attack” on the guarantees of freedom of conscience and worship enshrined in Algeria’s Constitution."
April 26, 2016: Bloodbath in Enugu as Fulani herdsmen kill 40
"NSUKKA—About 40 persons have so far been reportedly killed by some Fulani herdsmen at Nimbo in Uzo- Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State, sources told Vanguard at Nsukka Police Area Command, near the area yesterday. The incident took place barely 24 hours after stories filtered out that no fewer than 500 heavily-armed Fulani herdsmen sneaked into the community preparatory to launch an attack. About seven villages in Nimbo (Nimbo Ngwoko, Ugwuijoro, Ekwuru, Ebor, Enugu Nimbo, Umuome and Ugwuachara) were among the areas attacked. Ten residential houses and a church, Christ Holy Church International, aka Odozi Obodo, were also said to have been burnt by the herdsmen just as vehicles and motorcycles were destroyed and domestic animals killed."

August 5, 2016: New Boko Haram Leader Vows to Bomb Every Church, Kill All Christians
"The Islamic State is trying to change up the leadership of Nigerian-based Boko Haram and has appointed a new leader who is vowing to bomb churches and kill all Christians.

IS (also known as ISIS or ISIL) announced Wednesday in its al-Nabaa newspaper that Abu Musab al-Barnawi is the new leader of its Nigerian-affiliated outfit, calling him the "Wali" (governor) of its West African Province.

In an interview published by the IS news source that was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, al-Barnawi vowed to kill less Muslims and more Christians."

March 1, 2016: Open Doors report: The killing of Christians in northern Nigeria has increased by 62% in just one year.
"The 2016 World Watch List shows a staggering 62% increase in violent killings of Christians in northern Nigeria as churches in Nigeria unite to highlight this problem for the first time. A report to be released in Abuja by Open Doors and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), ‘Crushed but not defeated, the impact of persistent violence on the church in northern Nigeria’, makes a detailed study of the violence that has occurred.

A partner director for West Africa says: “This report shows that extent and impact of the persistent violence on the church in northern Nigeria is much more serious than previously expected. Once Boko Haram is defeated, the problem will not be solved. Christians living under Sharia law are facing discrimination and marginalization and have limited to no access to federal rights. We hope that this report will prompt the Nigerian government and international community to take the real suffering of persecuted Christians seriously and act on their behalf. Next to that, I hope that Nigerian Christians will become more involved with their brothers and sisters; that they will stand in the gap for them.”

The report looks at persecution from three main sources: Boko Haram, Muslim Fulani herdsmen and the Muslim religious and political elite that dominates government in northern Nigeria.

In 2015, there were 4,028 killings and 198 church attacks that Open Doors was able to record. The figures recorded for the previous year were 2,484 killings and 108 church attacks.

An estimated 30 million Christians in northern Nigeria form the largest minority in a mainly Muslim environment. They are at risk of violent persecution, as the report states: “For decades, Christians in the region have suffered marginalization and discrimination as well as targeted violence.”

Open Doors works in northern Nigeria, funding development projects such as clinics, community health training, provision of waterholes, schools and teacher training, vocational training for farmers and micro-loans for orphans and widows. Trauma work is also done with people who have suffered violent persecution; emergency relief is provided for these people.

Nigeria is 12th on the Open Doors World Watch List which ranks countries according to how difficult it is to be a Christian. Please continue to keep this nation in prayer as violence and persecution reaches unprecedented levels.
December 29, 2015: Boko Haram attacks northeast Nigerian city, many killed
"MAIDUGURI, Nigeria -- Boko Haram Islamic extremists struck the northeast Nigerian city of Maiduguri for the first time in months Monday with rocket-propelled grenades and two female suicide bombers, witnesses said. At least 15 people were killed but the toll was feared many times higher.

Nigerian troops "intercepted and destroyed" 10 suicide bombers, according to PR Nigeria, an agency that disseminates government news.

Militants firing indiscriminately from the back of three trucks attacked the outlying village, soldiers engaged them, and as people were fleeing, a woman ran into a suburb yelling "Boko Haram, Boko Haram." When people gathered, she detonated herself, according to village head Bulama Isa."

"The attack comes as Nigeria's government says it has contained the Islamic uprising that has killed 20,000 people in six years and driven 2.3 million people from their homes."
December 26, 2015: Christianity Implodes in Europe; Explodes in Africa
"Christianity is experiencing an unprecedented boom on the African continent and now accounts for more than half of Africa’s total population, while Christian affiliation and practice continue to ebb in Europe, signaling a major demographic shift in global Christianity.

An article in the Christmas issue of the Economist lays out the sobering statistics of European Christianity, while holding up the remarkable growth of the Christian faith among Africans.

Christianity is experiencing more rapid growth in Africa than anywhere else on the planet, including Asia and Latin America. In 1910 less than 10% of Africans identified as Christians, whereas today 55% of the population is Christian. And while in 2015 Europe still has the largest Christian population of any continent at just over 575 million, Africa is projected to overtake it by 2025.

The growth of Christianity in Africa averages 2.78% each year, while Europe’s growth rate languishes at 0.16%, meaning that while Africa becomes more and more Christian, Europe becomes less so.

The striking growth of Christianity in Africa is not merely a question of religious affiliation, but is reflected in actual religious belief and practice. The Economist reports that 90% of self-identified Christians attend church regularly across the five sub-Saharan African countries for which data are available (Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa and Zimbabwe), making African Christians the most devout in the world."
December 3, 2015: The terror that is Nigeria's can strike anywhere has now arrived in San Bernardino from Paris as a 'religious' Muslim executes 14 people at a Christmas party with his wife. While most people in the U.S. have only seen the horrors of terrorism by Islamic extremists from afar, today that terror has struck the heart of California as the four corners of the world is now entering a time of tribulation.

Daniel Greenfield reports more in Frontline Mag: TERROR STRIKES SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY
"When the Redlands Tea Party Patriots objected to the resettling of Syrian Muslim migrants in their community, CAIR accused them of “paranoia and phobia is rooted in a combination of ignorance and bigotry.”

But “paranoia and phobia” are the modern condition that the free world has found itself living in. Islamic terrorism can strike anytime and anywhere from a Paris concert hall to a San Bernardino County facility where disabled children were being helped. It’s ignorance to ignore that and bigotry to defend it.

“What will be done to ensure the safety of our community? Our biggest concern is the safety of our family, our children and our grandchildren,” Victoria Hargrave of Redlands Townhall had asked.

It was a good question. As the country watched police charge towards a home in the Redlands, it has become an even better question.

The shooter, Sayeed Farouk, was described by his father as a religiously devout Muslim. “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back.” Neighbors say that he "grew a beard and started to wear religious clothing. The long shirt that’s like a dress and the cap on his head.”

And at some point his “religiosity” took him down the familiar path of Jihad.

Neighbors knew something was wrong, but were afraid that they would be accused of Islamophobia if they reported it. Officially the motive of this religiously devout Muslim couple in carrying out a terrorist attack is still unknown. The evolving media narrative is that familiar standby of “workplace violence”. The sort of workplace violence involving an attack by multiple terrorists wearing body armor and throwing pipe bombs shortly after an argument at a party.

If you believe this version of the “workplace violence” story, the shooter stormed out of a party and 20 minutes later had managed to round up multiple heavily armed attackers to avenge his party argument.

It’s certainly a story. Even if it isn’t a very good story. And yet it’s a story that we keep hearing over and over again.

It begins with lies and ends with body bags."
November 17, 2015: According to the Global Terrorism Index:
"Terrorism continues to rise, with over 32,000 people killed in terrorist attacks in 2014, the highest number recorded. Despite being highly concentrated in five countries, terrorism is spreading, with more countries recording attacks and deaths."

· Deaths from terrorism increased 80% last year to the highest level ever, with 32,658 people killed, compared to 18,111 in 2013.
Boko Haram and ISIL were jointly responsible for 51% of all claimed global fatalities in 2014.

· 78% of all deaths and 57% of all attacks occurred in just five countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Syria.

· Iraq continues to be the country most impacted by terrorism with 9,929 terrorist fatalities the highest ever recorded in a single country.

· Nigeria experienced the largest increase in terrorist activity with 7,512 deaths in 2014, an increase of over 300% since 2013.
September 17, 2015: U.N.: Boko Haram Mayhem Has Displaced 1.4 Million Children
"Fear of attacks by Boko Haram, the Islamist extremist group of northern Nigeria known for its deadly marauding and kidnappings, has uprooted a half-million children in the past five months, Unicef said in a report released Thursday.

The newly displaced bring the total number of children who have fled from Boko Haram militants in Nigeria and neighboring countries to 1.4 million, said the report by Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund.

The report’s findings suggested that efforts by Nigeria’s new president, Muhammadu Buhari, who was elected partly on a pledge to eradicate Boko Haram, were not going as well as he has asserted. Mr. Buhari said last week that military forces were gaining the advantage on Boko Haram, which has been waging a campaign of bombings, burnings, abductions and plundering for years through swaths of northern Nigeria, and more recently in Cameroon, Chad and Niger."
November 13, 2015: Islamic terrorists attack in Paris massacre with gunfire and blasts in Deadly attacks across Paris

July 25 2015: Boko Haram kills 25 in Nigeria
"Kano, Nigeria (CNN) A bloody and terrifying raid by Boko Haram on Friday left at least 25 people dead in three villages in eastern Nigeria's Adamawa state, according to residents and a local government official. Adamawa state borders Borno state, Boko Haram's birth place and main stronghold.

Storming in on motorcycles, the gunmen attacked the neighboring villages of Kopa, Maikadire and Yaffa around 9 a.m. local time, shooting and killing residents, according to witnesses and local government chairman Maina Ularamu."
July 7, 2015: EuroNews reports on more terror and tribulation during Ramadan as Boko Haram has sworn allegiance to the "Islamic State"Nigeria: Scores killed in Jos in attacks blamed on Boko Haram
"Emergency services rushed to retrieve the injured after suspected Islamist militants killed at least 44 people in attacks on a restaurant and mosque in the central Nigerian city of Jos.

Though no one has claimed responsibility, the violence bore the hallmarks of Boko Haram insurgents, who have been stepping up attacks over the last week.

The city of Jos lies on the edge of the core insurgency zone but has been hit by Boko Haram fighters before. On Sunday, a suicide bomber attacked a church in Potiskum in the north-east of the country. At least five worshippers were killed.

Last year the Islamist group held large swathes of the north-east of the country, but the government backed by troops from neighbouring countries had managed to recapture much of the territory.

The latest attacks appear to be in response to the so-called Islamic State group’s call to step up military operations during Ramadan. In recent days more than 200 people have been killed. Boko Haram has sworn allegiance to the ISIL group.

Recent Attacks

Monday 06/07
44 killed in attacks on mosque and restaurant in Jos

Sunday 05/07
5 killed in attack on church in Potiskum

Friday 03/07
Zabarmari village attacked by several suicide bombers killing scores

Wednesday 01/07
Up to 118 killed in an attack on the village of Kukawa, 185 kilometres from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

Tuesday 30/06
Up to 48 gunned down in two villages near Monguno, Borno Stat"

July 12, 2015: Boko Haram now calls itself 'Islamic State, West Africa Province'
"Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for attacks in Chad’s capital N’Djamena and the Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the SITE Intelligence Group said last night.

The US-based monitoring group said the claim of responsibility, made on Twitter, was signed “Islamic State, West Africa Province”, as Boko Haram has styled itself since pledging allegiance to the Islamic State group in March.

“West Africa Province [formerly Boko Haram] of #ISIS claimed the suicide bombings today [Saturday] in Chad and Nigeria,” SITE said on Twitter.

A statement citing Boko Haram’s Twitter message identified the attackers and said they had “pounded strongholds of disbelief in West Africa”.

At least 15 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack at a crowded market in N’Djamena on Saturday. Boko Haram had previously claimed responsibility for a June 15 attack in the city that left 38 dead."
May 27, 2015: Church leaders: ‘South Sudanese are being killed, raped and tortured’
"Human rights in South Sudan are abused “on the battlefield and in peaceful areas,” and much of the country is without effective governance, Church leaders have said.

“People are being killed, raped and tortured,” the South Sudan Council of Churches said in a May 26 statement signed by eight Church leaders, including Archbishop Paulino Lukudu Loro of Juba.

“Children are being recruited into armed groups” and “looting is endemic”, the statement said, noting that many individuals, groups and even government organs are taking the law into their own hands, “with disastrous consequences for everybody.”

According to the United Nations (UN), fighting in South Sudan has “worsened considerably” in recent weeks. About 119,000 people are taking shelter in its compounds across the country, the UN said on May 24, noting that rights monitors have been denied access to sites where they sought to verify reports of killings, rapes, abductions and the burning and destruction of towns and villages.

The world’s newest state, which gained independence from Sudan in 2011, was plunged into conflict in December 2013 between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and rebels allied with his former deputy, Riek Machar. As many as 10,000 people have been killed and more than one million displaced in the months since."

May 26, 2015: Islamic Terrorist Attacks in Niger is Survived by Director and...
"John Coquerel, West Africa Regional Coordinator for GRN has now paid a visit to Niger to access the damage, and he said in his report about what he called “the incredible violence” in the country, “More than 84 churches and missions were burned of which many destroyed to the ground after being robbed and ransacked. More than 69 houses and stores knew the same treatment."

"Coquerel then pointed out what “God has done with this disastrous situation,” citing:

1. No Christian has lost their life. The deaths WERE ALL Muslims who ended up killing each other in the violence and confusion

2. About the material losses, there is hope that the government will compensate the victims, one way or another. It’s not an absolute certainty but there are signs of hope. Niger authorities have already helped by lodging the victims who have lost their house and by giving food to them. Some Christian organizations such as African Service, Samaritan's Purse and SIM have also helped in providing food.

3. This turmoil has led to a revival first in Christian community. Those who have stopped going to church by laziness woke up and started attending church again. Their faith has been refreshed somehow.

4. Above all it’s in Muslim communities that marvelous things are happening. Many of the Muslims were shocked by the terror they are capable of. Christian leaders have publicly offered their forgiveness to the authors of the terrorist acts. This forgiveness has profoundly marked the Muslims. They have hard time to believe it. They say: “If it was the Christians who have committed, say less than 10% of what has happened, we are going to kill them all. How can you forgive such acts?” In amazement, an Imam called a Pastor and asked him: “Is your forgiveness real? Isn’t it that you are planning your revenge in the guise of forgiveness? If it’s real, expect many to come to your church. We’re watching you.” It’s exactly what’s happening. Muslims, curious and astonished, now go to church, seeking to know the God of the Christians, the God who asks his people to forgive. Many of them start buying the Bible and read it.

5. An anecdote: In a Christian Bible store, the sales clerk advised her Muslim client: “Don’t you want to buy a cover for your Bible, so that you can read it without bringing attention to you?” The client responded: “No, thanks. I will read it openly. Let’s them tell me I don’t have the right to read it.” This story indicates to us that the fear of reading the Bible is diminishing among Muslims. Let’s pray that this emancipation lasts and would not be the fruit of one season."
April 3, 2015: Al-Shabaab have claimed responsibility: Militants Kill 147 In Kenyan University Attack
"Survivors say the masked gunmen singled out non-Muslim students and gunned them down without mercy as others ran for their lives.

Around 80 more have been confirmed as wounded in the siege at Garissa University, which has now ended after the four attackers detonated their suicide vests.

The gunmen hurled grenades and fired automatic rifles as students were sleeping, shooting dead dozens before setting Muslims free and holding Christians and others hostage.

Survivors said the masked attackers singled out non-Muslim students and gunned most of them down without mercy.

Others ran for their lives as bullets whistled through the air."
What is Al-Shabaab, and what does it want?

March 25, 2015: ISIS Expands Into West Africa, Welcoming Boko Haram Allegiance
"ISIS is expanding into West Africa after it accepted a pledge of allegiance from Boko Haram, the Islamist militant group that has killed and kidnapped thousands of people over more than a decade of terrorizing Nigeria, according to an ISIS audio released Thursday.

In the audio, which was verified by Flashpoint Intelligence, a global security firm and NBC News consultant, a spokesman says ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi congratulated Boko Haram on joining the radical terrorist movement that controls parts of Syria and Iraq."
The brutal reason Boko Haram just took 500 ‘young women and children’
"This is the story of what comes after the headlines. What happens after the shock dissolves and the news marches onto the next tragedy. This is what happens to the boys, girls and women who are kidnapped by Boko Haram — and why."
March 19, 2015: Pakistani Christians Commemorate Victims of Terror Attack, Say Jihadists Will Never 'Push Back' Their Faith
Hundreds of Pakistani Christians on Tuesday held prayer services to commemorate the victims of two Taliban suicide bombs in the city of Lahore, refusing to let terrorism silence their faith.

On March 16, suicide bombers affiliated with the Pakistani Taliban launched attacks against two churches conducting Sunday morning services in the predominantly Christian city of Lahore, killing at least 14 people and injuring 70 others. Although police said that the bombers were stopped by either worshippers or security personnel, the attackers still managed to detonate their explosives.

Christian leaders from across Pakistan country attended the funeral for the victims following two days of violent protests by the community members against the blasts. According to Reuters, the Pakistani government had called in 5,000 police and paramilitary rangers to control the law and order situation in the region, where violent clashes between Christians and Muslims erupted. Several protesters were killed and about a dozen wounded in the clashes.

March 7, 2015: African Training Exercise Turns Urgent as Threats Grow
"MAO, Chad — An oath of allegiance from Boko Haram, the Nigeria-based militant group, to the Islamic State on Saturday reinforces Western fears that the terrorist group is growing beyond its base in Iraq and Syria. These worries have prompted American and allied commandos to rush to train African counterterrorism troops to fight extremists on the continent.

The expanding effort here on the edge of the Sahara to fight militancies like Boko Haram comes as the group has kidnapped schoolgirls, slaughtered thousands of people, and now has expanded its attacks from Nigeria into Cameroon, Niger and Chad."

February 25, 2015: Nigeria pleads for your prayer. Pray for Abducted Missionary

"Bishop David Kendall released the following statement Monday, Feb. 23, urging prayer for Free Methodist missionary Phyllis Sortor:
"Dear Friends,

Early this morning we received a report that Rev. Phyllis Sortor, our missionary in Nigeria, was abducted from the Hope Academy compound in Emiworo, Kogi State, Nigeria by several persons. The U.S. Embassy has been notified, and the State Department and the FBI are working with local authorities to find and rescue her. We are calling on the U.S. church to join together in prayer for Phyllis’ safety and speedy release."
February 19, 2015: As Obama tells the world Radical Islam has nothing to do with anything... Boko Haram Jihad Spills Over as Neighbors Plan War
"The Nigeria-based Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram has issued a new threat, vowing to carry out suicide bombings against Niger and Chad for sending troops to battle them.

Boko Haram has been terrorizing towns and villages in countries along Nigeria's border for weeks. In response, leaders from countries in the region gathered in Cameroon Monday to finalize war plans against the terrorist group.

As they were meeting, Boko Haram attacked a Cameroonian military base on Nigeria's border, killing at least five soldiers and wounding eight others.

Last year, Boko Haram declared it is establishing an Islamic caliphate, just like the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The group has waged a five-year jihad against Nigeria's government, leaving 10,000 people dead last year alone."
February 17, 2015: US Won't Help Fight Boko Haram Until Nigeria Accepts Homosexuality, Birth Control, Bishop Says

But African values are not on sale
"VATICAN CITY — “African values are not on sale,” the new Chairman of Communications for the African bishops has said.

But Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of Oyo, Nigeria, is convinced they are under threat from what Pope Francis has called an “ideological colonization” that is seeking to destroy the family.

It's so bad, he says, that the United States has made clear it will not help Nigeria fight the Boko Haram terror group unless the country modify its laws regarding homosexuality, family planning and birth-control."

February 14, 2015: Nigerian president calls for US help as Boko Haram invade city
"Nigeria's President Goodluck Jonathan appealed for more US help in fighting Boko Haram, as the Islamists struck again on Saturday and called for a boycott of upcoming general elections.

The head of state for the first time claimed direct links between the Sunni radicals who have been waging a six-year insurgency in Nigeria and the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.

He told the Wall Street Journal in an interview: "Are they (the United States) not fighting ISIS? Why can't they come to Nigeria?

"They are our friends. If Nigeria has a problem, then I expect the US to come and assist us."

But Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby said there are no plans to send US troops to Nigeria."

Boko Haram: 200,000 Christians at Risk of Massacre in Nigeria
"Boko Haram forces appear poised to attack Maiduguri, a city of 2 million in northeast Nigeria -- meaning that 200,000 Christians could be at risk of slaughter by the Islamist terror group, say U.S. intelligence officials and experts on Nigeria.

"An attack on Madiguri is very likely," said J. Peter Pham, director of the Africa Project at the Atlantic Council, echoing U.S. intelligence officials. Pham believes, as do other experts, that Boko Haram has already placed "sleeper cells" among the tide of refugees who have fled the group's murderous rampage through Africa's most populous nation. "They've done it everywhere else they've gone," said Pham. "So why not Maiduguri?

Strategically, success in Maiduguri would provide Boko Haram with a launching point for further attacks on the neighboring states of Cameroon, Chad and Niger, all of whose territory were once part of an Islamic caliphate that lasted six centuries, ending in the 1300's. Boko Haram declared its own caliphate in the region last year."

"One big concern is the large number of Christians in the city -- about 200,000, most of them Roman Catholic. In previous attacks, Boko Haram has offered Nigerian Christians the opportunity to convert or be killed. Already, 200 Christian churches have been lost to the group's onslaught."
February 5, 2015: The cancer of tribulation spreads to Cameroon as Boko Haram, hit by 3-nation offensive, rampage in Cameroon
"YAOUNDE, Cameroon — Hundreds of Boko Haram fighters took revenge Thursday on villagers in Cameroon, shooting and burning scores to death and razing mosques and churches after warning Nigeria's neighbors not to join the battle against the Islamic insurgent group.

France's president warned that the world was not doing enough to end the wanton killings by the militants, who have waged a campaign of terror in a broad swath of northeastern Nigeria, where they declared an Islamic caliphate in August.

At least 91 villagers were killed and more than 500 were wounded in the northern Cameroon town of Fotokol on the border with Nigeria, where fighting began Wednesday and continued Thursday, Cameroonian officials said.

While Boko Haram has previously carried out attacks in Cameroon, the latest bloodshed came after the group warned Nigeria's neighbors against uniting against it. Cameroon and Chad joined Nigeria in launching an air and ground offensive against the insurgents on at least two fronts this week."

January 25, 2015: Boko Haram attacks northeastern Nigerian city, dozens killed
"MAIDUGURI, Nigeria – In fierce fighting Sunday that killed more than 200 combatants, Nigerian troops clashed with Islamic extremists who attacked Maiduguri, the biggest city in northeastern Nigeria, from three fronts.

At the same time the insurgents continued scorched-earth attacks on villages some 125 miles to the south in Adamawa state, slitting throats of residents, looting and burning homes and abducting dozens of trapped women and children, according to Vandu Kainu and other escaping survivors."

January 22, 2015: Why anti-Christian violence broke out in Niger after Charlie Hebdo
"The brutality last weekend in the African nation of Niger garnered relatively little media attention, yet, 70 churches in the southern part of the country were torched, people were killed, and thousands fled for their lives.

The attacks appear to be in retaliation for cartoons printed depicting Muhammad, the founder of Islam, in the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo—the same paper that was the subject of a deadly attack in Paris on Jan. 7. Some say the weekend violence was a response to Niger’s President, Mahamadou Issoufou, marching in a Jan. 11 Paris rally in solidarity with other world leaders.

But Paris is far from Niger, a poor country and former French colony that is largely illiterate and overwhelmingly Muslim. Its secular government allows for religious freedom."

January 21, 2015: Boko Haram Boasts Massacre, Captures More Girls
"The Islamic militant group Boko Haram is boasting that it slaughtered 2,000 civilians in northern Nigeria.

The leader of the group, Abubakar Shekau, just made the announcement in a video, taking responsibility for the Jan. 3 attack in the northeast Nigerian town of Baga.

"We are the ones who fought the people of Baga, and we have killed them with such a killing," Shekau says, according to a translation provided by SITE Intelligence Group.

Now comes yet another disturbing report that Boko Haram also kidnapped 500 women and children in that same attack."
January 19, 2015: Dozens of Churches Burned in Charlie Hebdo Protests
"Christians in the West African country of Niger are asking for prayer after Muslim rioters burned dozens of churches in violent protests over a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammed in a new issue of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

CBN News has contacts on the ground who say the violence is spreading and the government has not provided any protection for them after Muslim protestors burned a Christian clinic and about 40 churches.

The protests also killed four people and injured dozens of others.

The latest round of protests began after midday prayers on Friday, which is Islam's holy day.

Demonstrations also took place in several Pakistani cities."

January 13, 2015: Beyond Nigeria... Libya ISIS Libya affiliate claims to kidnap Christians
"CAIRO - A Libyan affiliate of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed the abduction of 21 Coptic Christians and released pictures of the captives.

The claim and photos were posted Monday on jihadi forums used by ISIS supporters. The Egyptian workers were seized last month in the central Libyan city of Sirte.

"The soldiers of the Islamic State in the province of Tripoli hold captive 21 Christian crusaders," the photo caption read, using a the name the group uses for itself."

January 12, 2015: 'Corpses everywhere' as Boko Haram still 'control' Nigeria town
"Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) - Boko Haram remains in control of the northeast Nigerian town of Baga more than a week after a massacre feared to be the worst since the insurgency began, a resident said on Monday."

"Boko Haram first attacked Baga, on the shores of Lake Chad in the far north of Borno State, on January 3 and subsequently razed it and at least 16 surrounding settlements.

Local officials have cited huge numbers of dead in the attacks but confirming the figures is currently impossible. Some 20,000 people are said to have been forced to flee."

January 11, 2015: Explosives strapped to girl kill 20 people at Nigerian market
"Kano, Nigeria (CNN)Explosives strapped to a girl detonated at a crowded marketplace in Nigeria, killing at least 20 people and injuring 18 others, according to police.

The police estimate differed from the local hospital's estimate, which counted 51 people with blast injuries.

The suicide blast happened at the main entrance of the ever-crowded Monday Market, the largest in the city of Maiduguri. About ‎12:40 p.m. Saturday, the girl was stopped for screening by vigilantes who man the gates of the market, according to witnesses and rescuers."

"Many of wounded victims taken to Maiduguri Specialist Hospital have life-threatening injuries, said Musa Kyarimi, a nurse there.

The marketplace in Maiduguri has been a frequent target. More than 45 people were killed in late November in a twin suicide attack, and more than 10 others died in another suicide blast a week later, on December 1. Another suicide bombing on July 1 left at least 15 people dead and several injured.

On Sunday, three people were killed and 43 injured in a separate attack in Potiskum, police said.

"Two female suicide bombers targeted the mobile phone market in Potiskum this afternoon, but they blew up before the could reach their targets," Marcus Danladi, police commissioner for Yobe state, said from the state capital of Damaturu.

The two bombers were also killed."

January 10, 2015: It was a dark week in France and the world is in uproar and disbelief over the horror of terror in Paris where 17 were brutally shot and killed by professed Muslim terrorist trained in Yemen. I am grief stricken and outraged about the Paris bombings yet, as many as 2,000 have died in the past week from radical militant Muslim attacks on Christian women and children in grievous attacks in the fishing town of Baga, Nigeria. God help us if we do not cry out to Him about this!

Amnesty: Nigeria massacre deadliest in history of Boko Haram
"YOLA, Nigeria — Hundreds of bodies — too many to count — remain strewn in the bush in Nigeria from an Islamic extremist attack that Amnesty International suggested Friday is the "deadliest massacre" in the history of Boko Haram.

Mike Omeri, the government spokesman on the insurgency, said fighting continued Friday for Baga, a town on the border with Chad where insurgents seized a key military base on Jan. 3 and attacked again on Wednesday.

"Security forces have responded rapidly, and have deployed significant military assets and conducted airstrikes against militant targets," Omeri said in a statement.

District head Baba Abba Hassan said most victims are children, women and elderly people who could not run fast enough when insurgents drove into Baga, firing rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles on town residents.

"The human carnage perpetrated by Boko Haram terrorists in Baga was enormous," Muhammad Abba Gava, a spokesman for poorly armed civilians in a defense group that fights Boko Haram, told The Associated Press.

He said the civilian fighters gave up on trying to count all the bodies. "No one could attend to the corpses and even the seriously injured ones who may have died by now," Gava said.

An Amnesty International statement said there are reports the town was razed and as many as 2,000 people killed.

If true, "this marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram's ongoing onslaught," said Daniel Eyre, Nigeria researcher for Amnesty International.

The previous bloodiest day in the uprising involved soldiers gunning down unarmed detainees freed in a March 14, 2014, attack on Giwa military barracks in Maiduguri city. Amnesty said then that satellite imagery indicated more than 600 people were killed that day.

The 5-year insurgency killed more than 10,000 people last year alone, according to the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations. More than a million people are displaced inside Nigeria and hundreds of thousands have fled across its borders into Chad, Cameroon and Nigeria.""

January 7, 2015: CBN News reports: Christian Persecution: Is the Worst Yet to Come?
""The world still does not get it. The persecution of Christians is real, it is horrifically violent often, and it is spreading at an unprecedented rate in modern times,' said Open Doors USA President David Curry.

The grim-faced Curry unveiled the group's 2015 Worldwatch list today in Washington, D.C.

Each January, OD unveils its list of the world's top 50 persecuting countries of Christians. So, what's different this year compared to the 2014 list?

The 2015 list documents the worst persecution of Christians in the modern era and "perhaps the worst is yet to come," Curry explained.

He said Open Doors can confirm that 4,344 people were executed or murdered for their Christian faith in 2014. That is more than double the number for 2013. The numbers are likely much higher, but OD uses only figures that can be verified.

Curry said more than half of the global victims this year were killed in Nigeria (2,484) at the hands of the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

Despite the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria--for the thirteenth year in a row-- North Korea remains the world's top persecutor of Christians. Iraq is listed as No. 3 on the list and Syria at No. 4.

Among differences this year:

Last year only one African country (Somalia) was listed in the top 10. This year there are four: Somalia (2), Sudan (6), Eritrea (9) and Nigeria (10)."

January 5, 2015: Boko Haram seizes military base in Nigeria
"(CNN) Hundreds of Islamist militants have seized a multinational military base in northeastern Nigeria, according to a government official.

"Boko Haram overwhelmed the Multinational Joint Task Force and dislodged them from their base outside Baga after hours-long fighting," said Maina Ma'aji Lawan, a Nigerian senator ‎from the state of Borno, where Baga is located.

"They came in huge numbers heavily armed and subdued the multinational troops consisting (of) soldiers from Nigeria, Niger and Chad," Lawan said."

December 17, 2014: In Pakistan school attack, Taliban terrorists kill 145, mostly children
""'God is great,'" the Taliban militants shouted as they roared through the hallways of a school in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Then, 14-year-old student Ahmed Faraz recalled, one of them took a harsher tone.

" 'A lot of the children are under the benches,' " a Pakistani Taliban said, according to Ahmed. " 'Kill them.' "

By the time the hours-long siege at Army Public School and Degree College ended early Tuesday evening, at least 145 people -- 132 children, 10 school staff members and three soldiers -- were dead, military spokesman Gen. Asim Bajwa said. More than 100 were injured, many with gunshot wounds, according to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Information Minister Mushtaq Ghani.

The death toll does not include the terrorists who attacked the school, bursting into an auditorium where a large number of students were taking an exam and gunning down many of them within minutes, Bajwa said."

December 18, 2014: CNN reports... Officials: Boko Haram kidnaps 185 women and children, kills 32 people
"Kano, Nigeria (CNN) -- Boko Haram insurgents kidnapped at least 185 women and children, and killed 32 people in a raid in northeastern Nigeria this week, local officials and residents said.

Gunmen in pickup trucks attacked the village of Gumsuri, just north of Chibok, on Sunday, shooting down men before herding women and children together.

"They gathered the women and children and took them away in trucks after burning most of the village with petrol bombs," a local government official said on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisal.

News of the attack took four days to emerge because of a lack of communication. Telecommunications towers in the region had been disabled in previous attacks."

December 9, 2014: The Times of India today reports that the Hindu in India are working to convert Muslims as well as Christians in the state of Uttar Pradesh back to to Hinduism.

Rajeshwar Singh also claimed that his group has taken possession of as many as 60 churches across the state, where no Christians worship now, "as they have all been re-converted to Hinduism".

November 20, 2014: The Voice of the Martyrs gives us this horrific report today: NIGERIA: BOMB KILLS STUDENTS
"Forty-eight students were killed and 79 others were seriously injured when a suicide bomber posing as a student detonated an explosive device in Potiskum, Yobe state, Nigeria on Nov. 10. The number of fatalities is expected to rise as many of the injured have severe wounds. All those killed and injured were students ranging from 11 to 20 years old."

November 10, 2014: Pakistani Christians Burned Alive Were Attacked by 1,200 People
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A mob accused of burning alive a Christian couple in an industrial kiln in Pakistan allegedly wrapped a pregnant mother in cotton so she would catch fire more easily, according to family members who witnessed the attack.

Sajjad Maseeh, 27, and his wife Shama Bibi, 24, were set upon by at least 1,200 people after rumors circulated that they had burned verses from the Quran, family spokesman Javed Maseeh told NBC News via telephone late Thursday. Their legs were also broken so they couldn't run away.

"They picked them up by their arms and legs and held them over the brick furnace until their clothes caught fire," he said. "And then they threw them inside the furnace."
According to the Pakistan Christian Post
Philadelphia: November 9, 2014. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC expressed his surprise in a letter to US President Barak Obama that US Administration which is custodian of Human Rights, Liberty and freedom of speech and expression around world not bothered to condemn horrific murder of Christian couple by Islamic extremists in Islamic Republic of Pakistan nor US State department uttered any comments on Christian persecution and genocide of Christians.

Nazir Bhatti wrote that Shahzad Masih and his wife Shama Bibi were burnt alive by Muslim mob on November 4, 2014, in furnace of brick kiln factory where they were detained as bonded labor by one Mohammad Yousaf Gujjar near Kot Rada Kishan in district Kasur of Punjab province.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti urged US Administration to condemn burning alive of Christian couple, press upon Islamic Republic of Pakistan to repeal blasphemy laws and to condition aid to Pakistan on human rights.

Here are contents of letter of Dr. Nazir S Bhatti to US President:
President of USA
Mr. Barak Obama


Christian couple burnt alive by Muslim on accusation of blasphemy in Pakistan.

As your honor is custodian of freedom, liberty and human rights around world, I wish to invite you kind attention towards a sad incident in which a Christian couple is tortured and burnt alive in furnace of brick kiln factory on false and fabricate accusations of blasphemy by Muslim mob near Kot Rada Kishan in district Kasur of Punjab province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

On November 4, 2014, Shahzad Masih and his wife Shama Bibi who were bonded laborer of Brick Kiln Factory owner Mohammad Gujjar were locked up and to teach them lesson on fleeing away he accused them of burning pages of Quran and send his Muslim employees to nearby villages to announce from loudspeakers of mosques that come and punish blasphemer Christian couple.

It is surprising that neither US Administration under your honor nor US State Department even bothered to condemn this horrific crime of burning live of Christian couple by a mob living in country named Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is receiving billions of aid of US taxpayers.

I would appeal your honor to put pressure on government of Pakistan to end misuse of blasphemy laws against Christian, Ahamadiyyia and other religious minorities and condition US Aid to Pakistan on human rights and repeal of blasphemy laws.


Dr. Nazir S Bhatti
President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC
Editor, Pakistan Christian Post

Dated: November 9, 2014.

October 13, 2014: Thank you Abba Father for the latter rains !!! Mark Ellis gives great news today from his blog "God Reports":
He was held for 10 months by Boko Haram, the same Islamist group that has terrorized northern Nigeria and kidnapped some 300 schoolgirls. But God brought a downpour of heavy rain and a flood to wash away his captors and secure his escape.

Rotimi Obajimi, pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, was kidnapped January 6, 2014 as he traveled from his rural church toward Maiduguri, according to a story by the Sahara Reporters.

The radical group took him to Sambisa Forest, a former game preserve filled with leopards and lions that has become a haven for Boko Haram. It is suspected the group is holding the Nigerian schoolgirls in the same area.

Boko Haram has killed at least 5,000 Nigerians in the last five years and their brutality has led to 650,000 refugees forced to flee their villages. Similar to the group ISIS, they seek to establish a caliphate with sharia law, and have also been beheading their opponents. Earlier this week Boko Haram beheaded seven villagers in northeastern Nigeria.

Pastor Obajimi was tied up for months in the forest, while many in his church prayed fervently for his freedom.

During the first week of October heavy rains began. It was a deluge so strong that the camp began to flood. Because of the flooding, his captors deserted the camp and Pastor Obajimi managed to free himself, according to Sahara Reporters.

October 6, 2014: Nigeria: Boko Haram Torch 185 Churches in Captured Towns of Borno and Adamawa
"A prominent Nigerian reverend has revealed Islamist terror group Boko Haram destroyed over 180 churches in the West African country following its capture of towns and villages in the north-eastern states of Borno and Adamawa.

Reverend Gideon Obasogie, the director of Catholic Social Communication of Maiduguri Diocese in Borno State, said the group's seizure of territory in both states has seen 185 churches torched and over 190,000 people displaced by their insurgency.

In his statement, Obasogie said Boko Haram's "ransacking and torching" of churches had forced priests to leave their homes for two months while displaced civilians were still unable to return to their towns and villages."

July 22, 2014: This news from AP is grievous. 11 parents of Nigeria's abducted girls die

July 6, 2014: Gunmen kill 22 in Kenyan attacks
Al-Shabaab terror group claims responsibility for attacks that killed 22 in Kenya.
"HINDI, Kenya, July 6 (UPI) --At least 22 people died in two separate attacks Sunday after gunmen ambushed two towns along Kenya's east coast, officials said.
Thirteen people died just after midnight in Hindi -- near the tourist coast of Lamu -- during an attack under cover of darkness.

Later that night, a police station in Gamba was raided and nine people were killed. One person was injured and another was missing in that attack.

Al-Shabaab Islamist terror group claimed responsibility for both attacks, saying none of its militants was injured."

June 30, 2014: As the jihadist group ISIS on Sunday declared the establishment of a “Caliphate”, or Islamic state spanning parts of both Iraq and Syria with the group’s leader as the ruling “Caliph”... Nigerian Islamists attack villages, churches near Chibok, dozens killed
"Boko Haram, which is fighting for an Islamic state in largely Muslim northern Nigeria, has killed thousands since launching an uprising on 2009, and many hundreds in the past three months."

"Samuel Chibok, a survivor of the attack on Kautikiri village, about five km from where the girls were snatched, said that around 20 men in a Toyota pick-up truck and motorcycles rolled into town. They sprayed it with bullets, focusing much of their fire power on panicked worshippers in a local church.

"Initially I thought they were military but when I came out, they were firing at people. I saw people fleeing and they burned our houses," he said, adding that some people had died in the attack, including two of his relatives.

"Smoke was billowing from our town as I left."

A local pro-government vigilante, who declined to be named, said residents had now recovered 15 bodies from the village. He added that many of the deaths occurred when worshippers were locked in a church, which was then sprayed with bullets."

June 24, 2014: The Washington Times reports: Islamic radicals abduct 60 more girls, 31 boys in Nigeria
"Islamic extremists abducted another 60 girls — and this time, 31 boys — during a raid on a village in northeastern Nigeria, witnesses said.

Security officials for the village of Kummabza deny the abductions took place, The Associated Press reported. But Nigeria’s government has been slow to react to kidnappings in the past and was particularly criticized for the seeming delayed rescue response to the recent abductions of hundreds of school girls — hundreds of whom are still separated from their families, AP said.
AP reported it could not independently verify the kidnappings took place.

But Aji Khalil, a member of anti-Boko Haram organization, said on Tuesday that the kidnappings did take place over the weekend — and during, four villagers were killed.

Kummabza is located about 95 miles from Maiduguri."

June 23, 2014: Answered prayer after the birth of her child. Praise YHVH!!

Woman jailed for apostasy Meriam Ibrahim 'freed' after Sudanese court orders release

"A Sudanese woman who was sentenced to death for converting from Islam to Christianity has been released from prison, according to her lawyer.

According to the official state news agency in Sudan, a court has ordered 27-year-old Meriam Yahya Ibrahim be freed after her case sparked outrage around the world.

Ms Ibrahim's Christian American husband Daniel Wani was notified earlier this month that the appeals court in Sudan was deliberating the case, though the government had previously promised she would be released.

Sudan's SUNA news agency said today: "The appeal court ordered the release of Mariam Yahya and the cancellation of the (previous) court ruling.""

June 18, 2014: At least 14 killed in suicide bombing at Nigeria World Cup viewing site
"DAMATURU, Nigeria – An explosion at an illegal World Cup viewing site in northeast Nigeria killed at least 14 people while security forces arrested a "terror kingpin" among nearly 500 people detained as suspected terrorists in the southeast of the country, police said Wednesday.

At least 26 people were wounded in Tuesday night's blast as soccer fans were viewing the Brazil-Mexico match in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe state, police said."

June 17, 2014: The BBC reports: Islamists launch second night of deadly attacks on Kenyan coast
Red Cross says gunmen attacked Poromoko near Somali border a day after 50 people were killed in Mpeketoni
"Somali-linked Islamist militants have killed at least eight people in a second night of attacks on Kenya's coast, after a raid on the town of Mpeketoni left at least 50 dead, the Kenya Red Cross and the Somali rebel group have said.

The Red Cross co-ordinator for the coast, Mwanaisha Hamisi, told Reuters that on Monday night gunmen had attacked the Poromoko area near Mpeketoni, which lies on the coast between Mombasa and the Somali border in the north, killing at least eight people.

"We raided villages around Mpeketoni again last night," Sheikh Abdiasis Abu Musab, the spokesman for al-Shabaab's military operations, also told Reuters, saying the group had killed as many as 20 people, mostly police. "Our operations in Kenya will continue.""

June 14, 2014: A report from NBC News: Bloody Toll: Boko Haram Behind Deadliest Killing Spree Since 9/11
"In the two months since Boko Haram fighters kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls in northeastern Nigeria, the terror group has taken at least 1,000 lives in what may be the deadliest killing spree by a single terrorist group since the Sept. 11 attacks, according to an NBC News analysis of reports from the region.

While the fate of the 272 girls kidnapped on April 14 remains unknown, Boko Haram has added to its bloodthirsty reputation since the abduction with a string of attacks -- including three that killed more than 100 men, women and children apiece. The pace of the attacks has increased dramatically since the kidnappings, instilling fear not just in the civilian population, but in the Nigerian government and security services as well, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials.

"The group's ability to conduct high-casualty attacks has evolved to an unprecedented level, even compared to 2012 when they bombed the U.N. building in Abuja,” said one senior counterterrorism official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “This period far surpasses that. The group has learned how to make their tactics more deadly and has expanded their reach beyond the control of security forces."

The worst was an attack last month on two public markets in the towns of Gamboru and Ngala in Borno state that killed more than 300 people. That incident alone was the third-worst terror attack since al Qaeda used hijacked jetliners to attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, trailing only a coordinated string of car bombings targeting Yazidi communities in northern Iraq on Aug. 14, 2007, that left 796 dead, and the school massacre in Beslan, Russia, in 2004, which killed more than 380 people, mostly children."

June 9, 2014: Boko Haram abducts 20 more women, local officials say
KANO, Nigeria, June 9 (UPI) --Gunman have reportedly abducted at least 20 women from a village in northeastern Nigeria.

Local officials said Monday that the gunman, believed to be members of Islamist insurgency Boko Haram, arrived in Garkin Fulani in broad daylight.

The women were members of the ethnic Fulani group. The Garkin Fulani settlement lies just several miles from Chibok, where Boko Haram abducted more than 270 schoolgirls in an April attack.

June 1, 2014 Bombing at northeast Nigeria football match kills at least 40
"KANO: A bombing at a football pitch in Nigeria's restive northeast killed at least 40 people on Sunday in an area previously attacked by Boko Haram Islamists, a police officer and a nurse said.

The blast hit the town of Mubi in Adamawa state, one of three in the northeast which has been under a state of emergency for more than a year as Nigeria's military has tried to crush Boko Haram's five-year extremist uprising.

"There has been a bomb explosion at a football field this evening and so far more than 40 people have been killed," said the officer in Mubi who requested anonymity.

The policeman's account was confirmed by a nurse at the Mubi General Hospital, who also requested anonymity, as the health worker was not authorised to discuss the attack with the media."

May 29, 2014: Nigeria leader vows 'total war' on Boko Haram as attacks kill 35
"Abuja (AFP) - Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan Thursday vowed "total war against terrorism" following last month's mass abduction of schoolgirls by Boko Haram Islamists amid news of attacks in three border villages that claimed 35 lives.

Jonathan said in an address marking 15 years since the return of civilian rule to Nigeria that no efforts would be spared to rescue the more than 200 girls kidnapped from a school in the northeastern town of Chibok in Borno state on April 14.

"I am determined to protect our democracy, our national unity and our political stability by waging a total war against terrorism," he said.

"The unity and stability of our country, and the protection of lives and property are non-negotiable," he added.

But on the same day as his vow to end the violence a military source and residents said Boko Haram had killed 35 people in separate attacks on three villages near the border with Cameroon, opening fire on villagers and torching homes.

"Boko Haram attacked the three villages Wednesday morning in which 35 people were killed," a military officer in the Borno state capital Maiduguri told AFP on condition of anonymity.

"The insurgents hurled petrol bombs into homes, setting them ablaze and shot residents as they tried to escape," he said."

May 27, 2014: Boko Haram attack kills 31 Nigerian security personnel
"DAMATURU/MAIDUGURI Nigeria (Reuters) - Boko Haram gunmen attacked a Nigerian military base and adjacent police barracks in the northeastern town of Buni Yadi, killing 31 security personnel, security sources and witnesses said.

The attack late on Monday in Yobe state occurred not far from where the Islamist insurgents shot or burned to death 59 pupils at a boarding school in February.

The militants, whose violent struggle for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria has killed thousands and made them the biggest threat to security in Africa's top oil-producing state, are still holding more than 200 girls kidnapped on April 14, an act which provoked international outrage.

Yobe police spokesman Nansak Chegwam said he was aware of the attack but could provide no further details.

A resident of Buni Yadi, who identified himself only as Mustafa for fear of retribution, said the militants arrived in an armored personnel carrier and six Toyota pickup trucks before dismounting and firing into the air.

They fired rocket propelled grenades at both bases.

A senior security source in Yobe state said 17 soldiers were killed and 14 police officers also died."

May 24, 2014: Boko Haram militants kill dozens in latest Nigeria attacks
"Suspected Islamist Boko Haram gunmen have attacked three villages in northern Nigeria, killing 28 people and burning houses to the ground in a pattern of violence that has become almost a daily occurrence, police and witnesses have said.

Separately, a suicide bombing that was meant to happen at the TV screening of a football match in the central Nigerian city of Jos on Saturday killed three people before the bomber reached the target, a witness told Reuters.

The bomber approached the Jos Viewing Centre while people were watching Real Madrid play Atletico Madrid, but he failed to get there before his car exploded, a local journalist at the scene, Mohammed Shittu, said.

The three attacks on villages took place on Thursday in remote parts of Borno state, the epicentre of Boko Haram's increasingly bloody struggle for an Islamic kingdom in religiously mixed Nigeria.

One took place right next to Chibok, by the Cameroon border, from where more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted last month.

The most deadly was in the town of Kerenua, near the Niger border. Scores of militants opened fire on residents, killing 20, and burned houses, police said.

A police source said some telephone signals to the militants had been tracked to neighbouring Niger, suggesting they may have been directed from there. Dozens had been wounded by bullets, he said.

Since the girls' abduction on 14 April at least 450 civilians have been killed by the group, a count by Reuters shows."

May 22, 2014: Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria kill dozens more
"ALAGARNO, Nigeria, May 22 (UPI) --Boko Haram militants killed at least 48 more people in overnight attacks on three Nigerian villages.

The attacks, late Tuesday and early Wednesday, came hours after bombs at a market in the city of Jos killed over 100 people.

A witness in the village of Alagarno said residents hid in bushes as the Islamic militants arrived and set fire to houses. "We saw our village up in flames, as we hid in the bush waiting for the dawn; we lost everything," she said.

Boko Haram, with its strict interpretation of Islamic law, seeks to impose an Islamic state on Nigeria, with a population of 170 million that is about 50 percent Christian. Extremist attacks have risen recently, with an estimated 2,000 people killed in Nigeria since the start of 2014. An estimated 3,600 were killed between 2010 and 2013."

Open Doors USA reports beyond Nigeria's tribulation: Eradication of Christianity in Northern Cameroon
"Over the past year, Muslims have waged a fierce intimidation campaign against Christians in Gorea, sending anonymous written threats to kill them and burn down their churches. In April 2013, local teens carried out the threats, setting the church ablaze and scattering the Christians Though some of the Christians returned a few weeks later, it seems that the pressure has now simply become too much. Many of them, including two church officials, have followed the example of a church elder who rejected Christ by embracing Islam last year."

"These sad events are classic examples of the pressures Christians have been experiencing recently for their allegiance to Christ in northern Cameroon."

"Since the region became a safe haven for the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, the number of violent incidents has increased, including targeted attacks on churches. There is also speculation that the insurgents have brought at least some of the more than 200 girls abducted mid-April from a secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria into Cameroon. A local pastor said, “Christians here live in terror. At night, we don’t know what might happen. I’m worried about my family and the churches in the area. In some villages, Christianity has completely disappeared.”"

May 21, 2014: Nigeria's Christian community is in tribulation attack from Islamic terrorist militants of Boko Haram whose name means, “Western Education is Sinful”. This report of horror tells us: Nigerian extremists kill 48 villagers near town where 300 schoolgirls kidnapped
"JOS, Nigeria — Islamic militants killed 48 villagers in northeastern Nigeria near the town where they kidnapped 300 schoolgirls, and the U.S. said Wednesday it was sending in 80 military personnel to expand the drone search for the captives.

The developments came hours after twin car bombings claimed at least 130 lives in this central city — an escalating campaign of violence blamed on the Boko Haram terrorist network and its drive to impose an Islamic state on Nigeria.

The three villages attacked overnight Tuesday and early Wednesday are near the town of Chibok, where the girls were abducted from their boarding school in a brazen April 15 assault that has ignited a global movement to secure their freedom."
Open Doors USA provides this message: "If you wish to to show solidarity with the Christians in Chibok, let them know that you are praying by sending a brief, encouraging message. Click here."

May 20, 2014: CNN gives a MUST SEE video report on the market bombing today from Jos, Nigeria: Blasts at market kill 118 in central Nigeria, official says
"(CNN) -- At least 118 people were killed Tuesday in twin blasts at a market in the central Nigerian city of Jos, an official said, warning the toll could climb.

The explosions, which targeted Terminus market, went off some 20 to 30 minutes apart, setting fire to the entire venue.
"The death toll stands at 118. This is the number of victims recovered from the scene of the explosions, but we are still searching through the smoldering debris for more bodies," said Mohammed Abdulsalam, coordinator for the National Emergency Management Agency in the city.

"The figure may rise when the search is over," Abdulsalam said.

A journalist on the scene of the first explosion called it "massive." People were screaming and running, some covered in blood. Some had to be carried away, the journalist said.

An ambulance driver who asked not to be identified said he saw at least 15 bodies and about 30 injured.
Plateau State Commissioner Chris Olakpe described the blasts as "terrorist activities," but refused to speculate on who might be responsible."

May 19, 2014: Beyond Nigeria, FoxNews Reports the truth... Bolton: Boko Haram's threat goes beyond Africa:

May 18, 2014: Deception is a strange thing. If false opinion is repeated enough or proclaimed by those in authority it will be believed by many in the masses. Here's a good example as Robert Jackson and Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire show their ignorance about Boko Haram before a congressional hearing recorded by C-Span.

I almost felt as if I was watching through the cigarette smoke of one of those old Rod Serling "Twilight Zone" episodes on black and white TV with the spinning vortex hypnotizing the audience.

As I watched the C-Span clip below I wondered... what is it about Robert Jackson's comments that seem so bizarre, so "staged"... is he not just deceived, is he actually lying, drunk from the wine of deception, or is he just plain hypnotized?

May 15, 2014: Beyond Nigeria... Ireland's RTÉ News reports from Sudan... Woman sentenced to death in Sudan for converting to Christianity
"A Sudanese judge has sentenced a Christian woman to hang for apostasy, despite appeals by Western embassies for compassion and respect for religious freedom.

Born to a Muslim father, the woman was convicted under the sharia law that has been in force in Sudan since 1983 and outlaws conversions on pain of death.

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim Ishag, 27, is eight months pregnant and married to a Christian national of South Sudan which broke away in 2011, human rights activists say.

"We gave you three days to recant but you insist on not returning to Islam. I sentence you to be hanged," Judge Abbas Mohammed Al-Khalifa told the woman, addressing her by her father's Muslim name, Adraf Al-Hadi Mohammed Abdullah.

The judge also sentenced Ishaq to 100 lashes for "adultery".

Under Sudan's interpretation of sharia, a Muslim woman cannot marry a non-Muslim man and any such relationship is regarded as adulterous.

Ms Ishag reacted without emotion when the judge delivered the verdict at a court in the Khartoum district of Haj Yousef.

Earlier in the hearing, an Islamic religious leader spoke with her in the caged dock for about 30 minutes.

Then she calmly told the judge: "I am a Christian and I never committed apostasy.""

In the UK today, there are Nigerian Church Leaders in the UK, Call for Mass Prayer Vigil in Westminster, for Safe Release of Abducted Nigerian Schoolgirls

Boko Haram video said to be a fake
By Dan Wooding, who was born in Nigeria
Founder of ASSIST Ministries

"LONDON, UK (ANS) -- Nigerian Church leaders in the UK are calling on all Christians to support a mass Prayer Vigil in Westminster, London, UK, on Monday, May 19, 2014 between 7.00pm – 9.00pm (UK time) to pray for the safe release of the schoolgirls abducted in Nigeria a month ago.

Six of the Nigerian schoolgirls who escaped Boko Haram kidnappers last month.

According to a news release, the event, which will be held at Emmanuel Centre 9-23 Marsham Street, Westminster, London SW1P 3DW, has the endorsement of The National Day of Prayer and Worship, The Overseas Fellowship of Nigerian Christians, Christian Concern, International Strategic Alliance Committee.

The Nigerian Church Leaders have united to condemn the situation as “deeply serious” and called on the Nigerian Government to ensure that no one should be forced into any form of religious conversion.

The event organizers are also appealing for donations which will go directly to the affected families in Nigeria."

May 13, 2014: Open Doors has people on the ground and you can send written Prayers and Encouragement To The Families of the Kidnapped Girls In Nigeria.

From Israel Today: Israeli Forces Reportedly on the Ground in Nigeria
"Israeli security forces have arrived in Nigeria to aid in the search for up to 200 young Christian girls recently abducted by the radical Islamist group Boko Haram.

On Monday, international media was abuzz after the publication of a video showing many of the captive girls dressed in Muslim garb (pictured) and reciting passages from the Koran. In the video, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau says the girls will be held and continued to be forcibly converted to Islam until jailed members of his group are freed by the Nigerian government.

The government of Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan rejected the demand, and turned to the international community for assistance. Israel was quick to answer the call.

“Israel expresses deep shock at the crime against the girls,” read a statement from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We are ready to help in finding the girls and fighting the cruel terrorism inflicted on you.”

Members of a Nigerian delegation currently in Israel told Channel 2 News that their government had accepted the offer of Israeli aid, and confirmed that Israeli counter-terrorism experts were already en route to the West African nation."

May 12, 2014: Nigeria abducted girls: Boko Haram leader claims captives converted to Islam

"(CNN) -- A Boko Haram video emerged Monday purportedly showing some of the kidnapped Nigerian girls in Muslim headdresses and the terror group's leader declaring they have converted to Islam.

The video, released by French news agency Agence France-Presse, was shot in a nondescript bush area and showed about 100 girls.

In the 27-minute footage, the terror group's leader, Abubakar Shekau, says he is willing to exchange the schoolgirls for Boko Haram prisoners.

It shows girls dressed in black and gray hijabs, and reciting the Quran as they make Islamic declarations of faith. Shekau appears in a separate part of the video, but never with the girls."

May 6, 2014: The horrific kidnapping and tribulation of Christian girls continues. The BBC reports More Nigerian girls abducted by suspected Boko Haram militants
"Suspected Boko Haram Islamist militants have abducted eight more girls in north-eastern Nigeria.

The latest kidnapping happened on Sunday night in the village of Warabe, in Borno state. The girls taken were aged between 12 and 15.

On Monday, Boko Haram's leader threatened to "sell" more than 230 girls seized from their school, also in Borno, on 14 April.

Meanwhile, the US says Nigeria has accepted an offer of American help.

"We've already sent in a team to Nigeria," President Barack Obama said on Tuesday.

Mr Obama said the US aid was a combination of military, law enforcement and other agencies "who are going in, trying to identify where these girls might be"."

April 21, 2014: Parents: 234 girls kidnapped from Nigeria school
CHIBOK, Nigeria (AP) — "Some 234 girls are missing from the northeast Nigerian school attacked last week by Islamic extremists, significantly more than the 85 reported by education officials, parents told the state governor Monday.

The higher figure came out a week after the kidnappings when the Borno state governor insisted a military escort take him to the town. Parents told the governor that officials would not listen to them when they drew up their list of names of missing children and the total reached 234."

April 19, 2014: Boko Haram claims bombing in Nigeria's capital
"Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) - Boko Haram claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack ever in Nigeria’s capital in a video obtained Saturday, as the search continued for 85 schoolgirls still missing after a mass abduction by the Islamists.

The bombing at a bus station packed with morning commuters early on Monday killed at least 75 people on the outskirts of Abuja, hours before gunmen kidnapped 129 girls from a school in northeastern Borno state, Boko Haram's base.

Forty-four of the girls have since escaped and are now safe, officials said.

The bombing and the kidnapping, which have been condemned worldwide, have underscored the serious threat posed by the insurgents to Africa's most populous country and biggest economy.

"We are the ones who carried out the attack in Abuja," Boko Haram’s leader Abubakar Shekau said in video message obtained by AFP."
April 16, 2014: EuroNews reports: Gunmen abduct over 100 female students in northeast Nigeria
"More than 100 female students have been abducted by suspected Islamist insurgents in a raid on a secondary school in Nigeria’s northeast Borno state.

Gunmen thought to be members of Boko Haram carried off the teenage girls from the school in Chibok late in Monday night."
April 14, 2014: Sadly, this morning, following yesterday's Reuters report that: Nigeria Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks: witnesses another attack has occurred.

Nigerian bus station hit by deadly explosion.
Many are feared dead after blast in outskirts of capital, Abuja, as hundreds of commuters travelled to work.

"An explosion blasted through a busy commuter bus station in the outskirts of Nigeria's capital, Abuja, on Monday, as hundreds of people were on their way to work.

Police have said at least 71 people were killed and 124 wounded in the blast. Reporters saw rescue workers and police gathering body parts.

The blast ripped a hole 1.2 metres (4ft) deep in the ground of Nyanya motor park, about 10 miles from the city centre, and destroyed more than 30 vehicles, causing secondary explosions as their fuel tanks ignited and burned.

There was no official comment or immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion, though bus stations are a favoured target of Nigeria's Islamist militants."
April 9, 2014: Beyond the tribulation seen in Nigeria... According to this report from Charima, to the the North in the Muslim nations of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia a revival is taking place in Africa among the Muslim people.

You will not want to miss reading about the visions miracles and healing taking place in Algeria.
"As the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea, Muslims across Northern Africa are converting to faith in Jesus Christ in record numbers."

""What God is doing in North Africa, all the way from actually Mauritanian to Libya is unprecedented in the history of missions" said Tino Qahoush, a graduate of Regent University and filmmaker. He has spent years traveling the region to document the transformation.

"I have the privilege of recording testimonies and listening to firsthand stories of men and women, of all ages where they can be sitting in a room and see the appearance and the presence of God appear to them in reality, like a vision, some of them gave me stories of how they carry on a conversation, it's not just a light that appears" adds Qahoush. He also says sometimes he feels jealous, "how come Jesus is visiting the Muslim world at this time and age and we don't hear that happening in the traditional Christian community."

His interviews confirm what experts say is a profound move of God in the predominantly Muslim nations of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia.

From the shores of Casablanca in Morocco to Tripoli, Libya, experts say the growth of Christianity, especially in the last 20 years, has been unprecedented. And now that growth is also evident in the North African nation of Algeria."

"Emboldened by God's power, Algerian Christians are now on a mission to take the gospel to the four corners of the globe.

"God has put in our heart to be able to send 1,000 missionaries by the year 2025. I really believe that maybe one day America will end up with some Muslim convert missionaries coming to reach out to the Muslims there and in other parts as well" says Pastor Qurahmane."
February 27, 2014: The original report of the death of 22 students in Nigeria has horribly been increased now to 45 murdered at the Federal Government College of Buni Yadi. The New York Times reports: Nigeria: College Attack Death Toll Rises:
"The United Nations reported Wednesday that at least 45 students were killed in the attack by Islamic extremists on a college in Nigeria this week and that the victims were as young as 13.

The death toll was higher and the age range of the victims at the Federal Government College of Buni Yadi, in Yobe State, younger than initially reported by the Nigerian authorities.

“Many lives were lost,” Manuel Fontaine, Unicef’s regional director for West and Central Africa, said in a statement denouncing the assault, the fourth that has closed a Nigeria school since last June. He said the closings had disrupted the lives of thousands of students, “many of whom have had no access to formal learning for months.”

The Islamist group Boko Haram, which has denounced public education in Nigeria as blasphemous, has been blamed for the assaults."
The original report from EuroNews:
"A terror attack in Nigeria has killed 29 boys with some burning to death, officials say.

Gunmen from the Islamist group Boko Haram stormed a boarding school in the north-east of the country, police and the military confirmed.

Police Commissioner Sanusi Rufai said the attack at the college in Buni Yadi saw some of the students’ bodies burned to ashes.

Boko Haram is fighting for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria. A similar attack in June left 22 students dead.

Violence is increasing focusing on civilians – more than 200 people were killed in two attacks last week, one in which militants razed a whole village and shot panicked residents as they tried to flee."
February 13, 2014: Recently George Weigel of the Ethics and Public Policy Center wrote that “More Christians died for the faith in the twentieth century than in the previous nineteen centuries of Christian history combined.”

He does not provide his source but you should know that for the past two days Fox News has broadcast critical news reports on Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04), Chairman of the House congressional panel that oversees U.S. policy in Africa who has brought light on the story of global Christian persecution to Washington D.C. via a Congressional hearing. It is an important story:

February 6, 2014: If you have been reading the posts on Nigeria you may think that northern Nigeria is only a place of doom and gloom. But praise God there is now some good news. God news.

Mission Network News reports that Boko Haram members come to Christ
"Nigeria (MNN) — The rebel terrorist group known as Boko Haram has done it again. This time they killed more than 70. Reports indicate 52 people were killed in a Kawuri village in Borno state. 22 more died in an attack on a church service in Waga Chakawa village, Adamawa state.

World Mission supports partners working there on the ground with unreached people groups. The organization’s executive director Greg Kelley says, “The people that we work with in Northern Nigeria are stationed in the vicinity of where Boko Haram is, so it’s made it very difficult for our partners to operate. They literally have one eye open at night because people are being killed and kidnapped.”

Kelley says that makes ministry difficult. That’s why World Mission is taking action. “We’re in the process of relocating our team into a more neutral environment that’s safer, that has more stability, so that they can facilitate all of the work that’s going on in the north.”

World Mission’s work with the unreached has been successful. “We of course distribute the audio Bible–The Treasure–among them. Just last week we got a report of two Boko Haram–these are the terrorist guys themselves–coming to Christ.”

Once they come to Christ, it’s amazing how God uses them. Kelley says, “They bring that same kind of intensity to the Gospel. One guy said, ‘If I could have died for a cause that I didn’t even know my fate, now that I’m a believer and follower of Jesus, I am willing to die for this truth no matter what.”

World Mission has sent more than 5,000 Treasures into the region, but the goal is to send hundreds more. First, though, they need to move their headquarters. “Right now they’re located right in the middle of the Boko Haram area. In order to move them we need $20,000. So, that would absolutely be a prayer request.”

This is a great investment because many of the conversion stories remind Kelley of the Apostle Paul: “Persecuting Christians and coming to know Jesus and becoming, arguably, the greatest missionary whoever walked on the earth. That is exactly the pattern that we’re seeing in these Boko Haram terrorists. As they give their lives to Jesus, they become some of the greatest witnesses for the Gospel.”"
January 27, 2014: The press call them terrorists, but are they the tribulationists? The Christian Post today reported that Islamic Gunmen Storm Church Sunday Service, Kill 22 Christians as Scores Murdered By Terrorists Across Nigeria
"Twenty-two Nigerian Christians were killed in an attack after gunmen entered a church service armed with weapons and explosives on Sunday.

Boko Haram, a Nigerian Islamic terrorist group seeking to eradicate Christianity from the African country and spread Muslim Shariah law, has been blamed for the mass shooting in the village of Waga Chakawa in Adamawa state, and also for violence that killed 52 people in Borno state at the weekend, the BBC has reported.

Terrorists reportedly attacked the village of Kawuri and detonated explosives while merchants were shutting down the crowded market. They also set alight to the homes of residents in the town, with residents still inside many of the houses.

Ari Kolomi, who fled his home in Kawuri to Maiduguri, the Borno state capital, described the destruction left by the group as devastating."

"In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal last week, Orji Uzor Kalu, the former governor of Abia state, said fighting against Boko Haram was not only in the best interests of Nigerian Christians, but also should be a subject of international concern.

"As the world globalizes, jihadist factions such as Boko Haram align in-kind and gain both the intelligence and the capacity to strike in increasingly urban centers and beyond national borders," Kalu wrote. "We must make no mistake: This destabilizing network is a global problem, larger in scope and indeed in mission than the international community may presume. It is not just going to go away.""

December 22, 2013: The reports here are about tribulation in Nigeria and beyond. Keith Davies the executive director of Rescue Christians was interviewed by Fox News on Saturday December 21st 2013.

Mr. Davies appeared on Fox to speak about persecution of Christians in Pakistan.

October 20, 2013 Massacre at fake checkpoint as Boko Haram slit throats of travellers
"Militants from the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram disguised themselves as soldiers and set up a checkpoint, at which they slit the throats of 19 people who stopped."
September 25, 2013: The same radical tribulation Nigeria's Christians have experienced since 2011 has been seen in Kenya as Al-Shabab, an Islamic extremist group attacked non-Muslims in the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya.
CBS reports: Al-Shabab says it singled out non-Muslims in Kenya mall attack

CNN reports: Al-Shabaab breaks new ground with complex Nairobi attack
And just a day later, the same kind of vicious tribulation occurred at a church in Pakistan when a wing of the Pakistani Taliban bombed the All Saints Church in Peshawar.
Fox News reports: At least 85 killed in suicide bombing at Pakistan church
September 9, 2013: Nigerian Anglican archbishop kidnapped
LAGOS (AFP) – "Nigeria's second-highest ranking Anglican archbishop was kidnapped at the weekend outside the southern oil city of Port Harcourt, capital of Rivers State, a police spokeswoman said on Monday.

"Archbishop Ignatius Kattey was kidnapped along with his wife around Eleme (outside Port Harcourt) at about 10:45 pm (2145 GMT) on Friday," spokeswoman Angela Agabe told AFP.

"His wife was later abandoned in the bush by their abductors."

A national spokesman of the Anglican Communion in Nigeria, Foluso Taiwo, confirmed the abduction to AFP, but said the circumstances surrounding the incident were sketchy.

Kattey is the dean of archbishops of the Anglican communion in Nigeria, ranking him second to the primate of the Anglican Church in the country, said Taiwo.

The cleric is archbishop of the Niger Delta province, he added.

Kidnapping for ransom occurs regularly in the southern oil-producing Niger Delta region, though authorities rarely admit to making payments.

The victims are often released unharmed after the payment of a ransom.

In the north of the country however, Islamist extremists have killed a number of their hostages."
July 12, 2013: The Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) has issued a “final call” to the Federal Government to neutralize the violence against Christians
The Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) has issued a “final call” to the Federal Government to neutralize the violence against Christians or risk losing the cooperation of the Christian community in its fight against Boko Haram.

Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the president of the Christians Association of Nigeria, who made the call was speaking after a meeting with other officials of the association over the latest attack on churches in Nigeria, which happened at the Bayero University in Kano state on Sunday.

Gunmen stormed a church service at Bayero University on Sunday and killed about 15 people and wounded several others.

Speaking after the meeting, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor said, “The church leadership has hitherto put great restraint on the restive and aggrieved millions of Nigerians but can no longer guarantee such co-operation, if this trend is not halted immediately.”
May 9, 2013: As these updates attest, every few weeks Nigeria faces the kind of horror America witnessed in Boston. Yet many ignore the horror. Today, it happened again in Nigeria attack: Nasarawa cult ambush 'kills 30 police'

Nasarawa police chief Abayomi Akeremale said about 60 police officers came under attack on Tuesday.

"We decided to send our men to the area to arrest members of Ombatse, including their priest," he told the AFP news agency.

"[They] have been going to churches and mosques initiating people into their cult by forcefully administering an allegiance oath to unwilling people."

The police were attacked near the shrine to the traditional deity of the Eggon people, in the village of Alakyo, near the state capital, Lafia.

The ambush came after 55 people were reportedly killed in the north-east of Nigeria in co-ordinated attacks by the Boko Haram Islamist militant group.

April 23, 2013: The New York Times reports Boston Suspects Are Seen as Self-Taught...

"The portrait investigators have begun to piece together of the two brothers suspected of the Boston Marathon bombings suggests that they were motivated by extremist Islamic beliefs but were not acting with known terrorist groups — and that they may have learned to build bombs simply by logging onto the online English-language magazine of the affiliate of Al Qaeda in Yemen, law enforcement officials said Tuesday."

Islamic pipe bombs are common in Nigeria and now they have found radical horror in the streets of Boston.

March 19, 2013: Nigeria bus station attack claims 22 lives AAP:
"An attack that saw two suicide bombers ram their car into a bus station in northern Nigeria has killed at least 22 people and wounded dozens more.

Police said the attack on Monday in Kano, the largest city in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north, led to a huge explosion that hit five buses, police spokesman Magaji Majia told AFP. A rescue official said the toll was at least 20 and a security source said it was likely to climb much higher.

"From our tally, 22 people were killed in the suicide blast at the New Road motor park," Majia said. Sixty-five others were injured."
December 30, 2012: Nigeria: 15 Christians 'have throats slit' by suspected extremists
"Suspected Islamist extremists have killed 15 Christians by slitting their throats in an attack on a village in Nigeria's volatile northeast, residents and a relief source have claimed.

"From the information we gathered, the attackers broke into selected homes and slaughtered 15 people in their sleep," the anonymous relief official said.

Authorities had previously confirmed the predawn Friday attack in Musari, but gave few details and said only five were killed. Musari is located on the outskirts of Maiduguri, the base of Islamist extremist group Boko Haram.

Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa, spokesman for a military task force in the area, said on Sunday that he stood by the toll of five dead.

Authorities tend to under-report death tolls, however, and the relief official's information matched that of residents, who spoke of 15 people having their throats slit.

Residents said they suspected the attackers were from Boko Haram."
December 25, 2012: Military: At least 5 killed in Christmas morning attack in northeast Nigeria village
"LAGOS, Nigeria – Nigeria's military says at least five people have been killed in a Christmas morning attack in northeast Nigeria, a region beset by violence by a radical Islamist sect.

Military spokesman Lt. Eli Lazarus said Tuesday that the attack happened just outside Potiskum village in Yobe state. Lazarus told The Associated Press that four others were wounded.

There was confusion about where the shooting took place. Lazarus said it happened in a church. A Yobe state police spokesman said that information officers had indicated the attack happened elsewhere in the village.

This is the latest violence in northeast Nigeria, an area where the radical sect known as Boko Haram operates."
November 26, 2012: Voice of America reports: Blast Rocks Military Church in North Nigeria
"The Nigerian military says an explosion ripped through a church on an army base on Sunday, with reports of an unknown number of casualties.

Reuters cited military sources as saying the blast was from a suicide car bomb that killed at least five people and injured dozens more.

The incident took place inside the Jaji military barracks in Nigeria's northern Kaduna state after a church service."
October 28, 2012: Today a Car Bomb Kills 8 and Injures More Than 100 as a Suicide bomber hits north Nigeria Catholic church
"KADUNA, Nigeria (AP) — A suicide car bomber detonated his explosives Sunday at a Catholic church holding Mass in northern Nigeria, injuring a number of worshipers and killing several people, officials and witnesses said.

The attack happened in the Malali neighborhood of Kaduna, a city on the dividing line between Nigeria's largely Christian south and Muslim north where religious rioting has killed hundreds in recent years. The car tried to force its way past the gate at St. Rita's Catholic church just before it exploded, witnesses at the church said."

In a report released on October 11th, Human Rights Watch stated: "Widespread and systematic murder and persecution by Boko Haram, a militant Islamist group in northern Nigeria, likely amount to crimes against humanity".

"The 98-page report, “Spiraling Violence: Boko Haram Attacks and Security Force Abuses in Nigeria” catalogues atrocities for which Boko Haram has claimed responsibility."
The report states that at least 1,500 people have been killed in bomb and gun attacks by Boko Haram over the past three years. You can download the full report here.

October 1, 2012: Students Among the Dead in Attack on Nigerian School
"ABUJA — At least 25 people were killed late Monday in what appears to be a systematic slaughter in Adamawa State in northern Nigeria. Locals say the victims, mostly college students, were individually questioned before being attacked."
September 30, 2012: Kenya is Nigeria's neighbor to the south. Today, the violence seen in Nigeria has arrived as AlJazeera reports Children killed in Kenya church attack
"At least two children have been killed and two others wounded when a hand grenade was allegedly thrown into a church in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, police officials say.

Moses Nyakwama, the city's police chief, confirmed the injuries in the attack on Sunday.

He said that police suspected the cause of the explosion was a grenade.

Charles Owino, a deputy police spokesman, said that the attack at St. Polycarp's church occurred on Juja Road, in the eastern part of the city.

The grenade exploded, spraying the children with shrapnel.

Blood-stained children's jackets and shoes lay scattered on the floor, surrounded by remnants of metal walls that were broken and twisted by the force of the explosion.

"The children who attend this service are aged between six and 10... we usually divide them according to their ages," said Livingstone Muiruri. "They had just started the morning session when the explosion occurred."

"We were in the main church so we all ran there to assist the kids," he said.

Janet Wanja was just entering the church when the blast shook the building.

"I heard a loud explosion and then heard kids screaming," she said. "I am traumatised by what I saw, kids with injuries and blood all over. "Why are they attacking the church?""
June 17, 2012: Multiple Church Bombings in Nigeria Ignite Riots
"BUJA - Three churches were bombed this morning in Kaduna, Nigeria, igniting riots in the state capital and prompting a 24-hour curfew. The blasts killed 21 and injured at least 100. The violence Sunday is just the latest development in areas where tensions have risen dramatically recently.

Kaduna has been tense since after the 2011 elections when riots broke out killing nearly 700 people. Locals say the violence was political but it also cut across religious lines, deepening distrust between Muslims and Christians."
June 10, 2012: The BBC reports: Nigeria violence: Seven dead after Boko Haram attacks

"Boko Haram militants have attacked two churches during Sunday services, triggering deadly reprisal attacks.

In the central city of Jos, a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a church, wounding at least 50 people.

In a separate attack, gunmen opened fire during a service in Biu in northeastern Borno state, leaving at least one person dead.

Six people were then killed in Jos in reprisals when angry demonstrators took to the streets in protest.

Radical Islamist sect Boko Haram said it carried out the attacks. The group has carried out a number of attacks on churches in recent years, killing hundreds of people."
MSNBC's report stated:
"Attacks on churches have become a trademark tactic of Boko Haram, which says it is fighting to reinstate an ancient Islamic caliphate in northern Nigeria."

June 3, 2012: Deadly blast hits Nigeria church
"According to Bauchi residents, a man tried to drive a car through a fence outside the Harvest Field Pentecostal church on Sunday.

The vehicle did not break through the fence and the bomb was detonated. Some of those killed by the blast were inside the church and others were standing outside.

Eyewitness Aliku Jon told Reuters news agency: "I had just left after the morning service and was out of the church when I heard a loud explosion. I rushed back and there were dozens of people lying in pools of blood.""
April 28, 2012: AFP reports: Nigeria attack on church services kills around 20
KANO, Nigeria — "Attackers armed with bombs and guns opened fire at church services at a Nigerian university on Sunday, killing around 20 people as worshipers tried to flee, witnesses and officials said.

Explosions and gunfire rocked Bayero University in the northern city of Kano, with witnesses reporting that two church services were targeted as they were being held on campus. One of the services was being held outdoors, while the second was inside a building, but with an overflow audience outside, witnesses said.

Officials were unable to confirm casualty figures, but an AFP correspondent counted six bullet-riddled bodies near one of the two sites.

At least another dozen bodies could be seen on a roadside by the university, but the exact number was unclear.

Musical instruments and half-eaten meals could be seen at the site of one of the services. An army spokesman confirmed the attack but could not provide a casualty toll. Lieutenant Iweha Ikedichi told AFP that it appeared the attackers used bombs and gunfire in the assault."
April 8, 2012: Nigerian Easter bomb kills many in Kaduna
"At least 38 people have died in a car bombing in the northern Nigerian city of Kaduna, officials said.

Many others were injured in the attack, which took place when officials stopped the vehicle as it approached a church.

Just hours afterwards, a bomb exploded in the central city of Jos, injuring several people.

No-one has admitted carrying out the bombings, but suspicion has fallen on Boko Haram, a militant group which had warned of attacks over Easter."

January 23, 2012: Hospitals struggle after deadly Nigeria attacks
By Africa correspondent Ginny Stein, wires

Video Report Source: 7pm TV News NSW | Duration: 2min 12sec
"Hospital staff in the northern Nigerian city of Kano are struggling to cope with a rising number of casualties after a string of coordinated attacks.

More than 178 people have been killed in a series of bomb attacks and gun fights in the country's second-largest city.

Islamist sect Boko Haram is reported to have claimed responsibility for the strike - the deadliest ever by the group.

A curfew was imposed after the violent attacks began, targeting police and immigration offices.

Police sources have told AFP that at least 20 huge blasts were heard in the city as a suicide bomber struck a police station and a car bomb targeted the state police headquarters.

A number of other police posts were targeted, including a secret police building, as well as immigration offices.

A doctor in the main hospital said the death toll had risen to 178 on Sunday, making it by far the deadliest attack claimed by the radical Islamist sect."

Somehow, I was oblivious to the horrors in Nigeria that began in 2010, that is until I saw the following reports:

January 7, 2012: Church attacks in Nigeria leave at least 27 worshippers dead

Islamist group claims responsibility amid growing concern about government's inability to tackle sectarian violence

"A fresh wave of violence against churchgoers in Nigeria has left at least 27 people dead and heightened fears over security in Africa's most populous country.

The religiously motivated massacres, three in as many days since Thursday, targeted Christians in Mubi and Gombe, both towns in the north-east where a state of emergency was declared by President Goodluck Jonathan last week. Some 17 other deaths have been reported in other regions.

There is growing concern that the government's inability to tackle the rising levels of sectarian violence, blamed on radical Islamic group Boko Haram, may result in hundreds of people fleeing their homes. The group is now carrying out weekly attacks on churches and police stations in northern and central areas. Islamic clerics who speak out against the violence have been assassinated.

Last year saw an upsurge in Boko Haram's bloody activities, with some 550 people killed, culminating in a co-ordinated bombing campaign on Christmas Day across Nigeria which left 39 dead and dozens wounded, including at a church near the capital, Abuja."

January 6, 2012: Another Church Attack in Nigeria Kills 6
Voice of America: "The radical Islamist sect Boko Haram is suspected of the attack, and of pushing the country toward religious conflict.

The attack began when gunmen opened fire during a service at the Deeper Life church in Nasarawa. Theresa Munyok says that her father and her brother were among the dead.

"The only thing I heard was my mommy shouting," Munyok said. "She told me that it was gunshots and that my dad is not even breathing. She called and called and he did not wake up."

A purported spokesman for Boko Haram issued a warning on Sunday that said Christians had three days to leave the Muslim-majority north. A day earlier, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in 15 locations across the north after months of deadly bombings and shootings, including several attacks for which Boko Haram claimed responsibility."

January 5, 2012: At Least 5 Dead, Others Wounded in Nigeria Church Attack
FoxNews: "GOMBE, Nigeria – Gunmen attacked a church in northeast Nigeria during a prayer service Thursday night, killing at least five people and wounding others in an assault that occurred amid an increasingly violent campaign by a radical Muslim sect.

Pastor Johnson Jauro said the gunfire sprayed the Deeper Life Church in Gombe, the capital of Gombe state, injuring several worshipers and killing his wife and two others. He spoke at a local hospital, where a joint team of soldiers and police officers stood guard. Two other people later died at the hospital from their wounds and an Associated Press reporter saw their bodies.

Local police spokesman Ahmed Muhammad confirmed the attack, but declined to say how many people the gunmen killed and wounded.

The assault occurred as Nigeria remains under a warrior's attack by the sect known as Boko Haram. Know this we have been warned:
"You will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end." Matthew 24:6
The oil-rich nation's president recently put regions of the country under a state of emergency due to the grave threat, but that did not include Gombe, which sits about 350 miles from Nigeria's central capital, Abuja.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, but suspicion immediately fell on Boko Haram. The sect has carried out increasingly sophisticated and bloody attacks in its campaign to implement strict Sharia law across Nigeria, a multi-ethnic nation of more than 160 million people.

Boko Haram, whose name means "Western education is sacrilege" in the local Hausa language, is responsible for more than 500 killings this year alone, according to an Associated Press count."
January 2, 2012: Christians warned to leave Nigeria - CNN

The militant Islamist group Boko Haram issues an ultimatum to Christians in northern Nigeria. CNN's Tim Lister reports.

December 26, 2011: After Deadly Church Attacks in Nigeria, What Do Boko Haram Extremists Want?
PBS Newshour: "At least 39 people were killed in Christmas Day attacks on Christian churches in Nigeria. Margaret Warner discusses the bombings and the Boko Haram extremist group that claimed responsibility with Paul Lubeck, a sociology professor at the University of California, Santa Cruz."
December 23, 2011: Multiple blasts rock two Nigerian cities
"Six blasts and gunfire rocked the Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Thursday, residents and a military source said, after explosions and shooting earlier broke out in another northeastern city.

"There has so far been six explosions, and four of them in the same area," the military source said, adding that a shootout had also occurred on Thursday. Gunfire and explosions had earlier broken out in Damaturu. Both cities have previously been badly hit by violence blamed on the Islamist group Boko Haram."
Watch After Deadly Church Attacks in Nigeria, What Do Boko Haram Extremists Want? on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour. is one group that tracks the tribulation of the saints.

What does this all mean?

It means that it is now time to pray for Nigeria. It is time to repent and return to God's covenant, return to hear and do His word and walk in the faith of His Kingdom path so that you can ready your lamp for your coming assignment.

God is a sovereign God. He is a loving God and He has provided a way to offer you His salvation. You can accept His gift of life. Consider carefully what your life consists of, look at it and repent of your sin, ask His forgiveness and accept His gift of love through Messiah Yeshua.

Today is the time. If you know you need to get your life right with God, don’t wait for tomorrow, get it right with Him now!
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. John 3:16-17

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