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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Biblical Symbols, Keys and Wisdom

Every symbol and type in the Bible has a Hebraic meaning, a graphic depiction, a parable-like key if you will that God uses to convey depth, meaning and insight insight to the way He teaches.

These include numbers, directions, colors, animals, precious metals and so on.

When we begin to understand the Hebraic meaning of the Bible's symbols, types and keys we can begin to see the Word of God gives us wisdom into His glory. That allows our eyes to open and our ears to hear as the Scriptures unlock the timeless, Heavenly message our Creator has embedded into His word from the beginning.

We can gain much insight by studying the types and symbols used in God's Word and gain meaning and reference to the Hebrew text though deeper prophetic revelation to understand how God connects and weaves the light of the life giving water of His two-edged sword of truth.

There are many Biblical symbols, types and keys that add depth and dimension to the Scriptures and they are there to give wisdom to the reader. The following is a list of just some of them as well as resources that you will find linking the pages of Scripture. These are listed here to help you engage and connect with the Word of God in your own Scripture studies:

Numbers in Scripture:

One = Beginning, unity, Elohim-God
Two = Witness
Three = Complete
Four = Wholeness of physical creation
Five = Torah teaching, mercy and grace
Six = Mankind
Seven = Perfection, rest
Eight = Restoration, Resurrection
Nine = Divine Judgment and Order
Ten = Perfection
Eleven = Disorder, confusion
Twelve = Foundation of the King of King’s government
Thirteen = Rebellion
Fourteen = Deliverance and salvation
Fifteen = Completion of God's Kingdom
Twenty = Time of waiting
Twenty four = Priesthood
Thirty = Maturity, readiness
Forty = Trial, testing
Forty two = Completion of a journey
Fifty = Freedom, restoration
Sixty = Pride and arrogance
Sixty-six = Idol, false worship
Seventy = Nations, completeness
One Hundred and twenty = Fullness of time
One Hundred forty-four = Perfect government
One Hundred fifty-three = Fruit bearing
Six Hundred = Warfare

Interestingly, if we compare and calculate the meaning of the numbers six, sixty and six hundred; the message embedded in Revelation 13:15-18 wisdom of the character of the embedded message is revealed:

Mankind + pride and arrogance + warfare

For more on the wisdom of Biblical numbers: provides an excellent reference.

Colors in Scripture:

White = Purity, righteousness
Red = Blood, offering sacrifice, ransom for life
Blue = Healing, instruction, faithfulness
Purple = Royalty, Kingship
Gold = Perfection, God’s word, glory
Silver = Redemption
Green = Life, growth, restoration
Black = Famine, death, sin

In addition to adding definition to numbers, provides an excellent reference on understanding colors shown in the Bible.

But there is more, much more that calls for wisdom and understanding. Other Biblical symbols, types and keys include:

The Human Body in Scripture:

Head = Thought, mind, memory, intelligence, leadership
Heart = Center of life, seat of emotion
Blood = Life through sacrifice
Eyes = Spiritual vision, wisdom, discernment, insight
Ear = Spiritual hearing, reception of faith
Nose = Breath, discernment
Face = Favor, friendly regard, permission
Shoulders = Seat of God's government, strength
Belly = Emotion
Arm = Strength, power, support
Hands = Tools of ministry, deeds, works, action
Legs = Support and strength of the body
Thigh = Symbol of stabilizing our walk
Knee = Symbol of reverence and humility
Heal = Power to crush, stomp
Feet = Way of life, walk following God
Bowels = Inner man
Tongue = Language

Compass and Direction in Scripture:

North = Power and authority
South = Refreshment
East = God's light and glory
West = End of the age
Up = Going forward toward God
Down = Going away from God, backsliding
Return = Repentance

Clothing in Scripture:

Wool = Warmth and comfort
Linen = Righteousness and purity
Flax = Weakness of mankind
Robe = Covering of righteousness

Metals in Scripture:

Gold = Perfection
Silver = Redemption
Copper, Bronze = Judgment of sin
Iron = Man’s weakness, rebellion, crushing, unyielding
Tin = Worthlessness, weakness, impure character
Lead = Weight, heaviness of the heart

Heavenly Bodies in Scripture:

Sun = Life, glory, light
Moon = light reflector
Stars = Abraham's heavenly seed, Israel, messengers, light bearers
Falling Stars = apostates, betrayal, blasphemers

Trees in Scripture:

Almond = Resurrection from death
Cedars = Power, majesty, royalty
Hemlock = Wormwood, false worship, calamity
Mulberry = Battle, broken heart
Oak = Strength
Fig = Israel, fruitfulness
Myrtle = Blessing
Palm = Reverence, victory
Pine = Fragrance and beauty
Olive = Life, spirit, light, peace
Pomegranate = Abundance and joyfulness
Willow = Weeping and heartbreak

Animals and Insects in Scripture:

Bear = Evil, cunning, cruel men
Beast = Worldly political kingdoms, devouring religion, Paganism
Bull = Strength, labor, servanthood
Calf = Praise, joyful thanksgiving
Camel = Service, burden bearer
Cankerworm = Destructive power
Dog = Unbelievers, hypocrites
Donkey = Stubbornness
Dove = Gentleness, Holy Spirit
Dragon = Satan
Eagle = Vision, swiftness, rising above
Fish = Souls of men
Flies = Evil spirit, filth, satan's kingdom
Fox = Cunning evil men
Frogs = Liars, boastful croaking
Goat = Shaggy, sinners
Grasshopper = Multitudes, destructive
Horse = Military power in battle, conquest, war
Lamb = Offering, Messiah
Lion = King
Locust= Devouring destruction
Owl = Dark evil spirit, night bird
Ox = Strength, service, sacrifice
Ram = Man's stubborn state, self-willed, wild state
Scorpion = Evil spirits, evil men, pain
Serpent = Satan, deception
Sheep = God's people, defenseless except by a shepherd
Wolf = False teachers
Worm = Despised

Other Symbols and Types in Scripture:

Angel = Messenger
Air = Dark spiritual power
Ark = Safety
Babylon = Whoredoms, religious apostasy and mixing
Bow = Success in battle against evil
Bread = Life-sustaining living Word of God
Brick = Slavery, work of men's hands, false worship
Chaff = Sin, uselessness
Cities = Man’s religious governments
Clay = Frailness of the human flesh
Clothing = Torah based character
Crowns = Kingship, victory
Cup = Suffering
Day = Measurement of time
Dust = Humanity
Dark Clouds = Trouble
Earth = Man’s domain
Earthquake = Shaking of society, revolution
Eat = Take in the message
Egypt = Confusion, worldliness, bondage
Eye salve = Truth, antidote for spiritual blindness
False Prophet = Liar, deceiver
Famine = Lack of truth and spiritual discernment
Field = Land, the world
Fire = Trials, purifying and testing
Fornication = False idol worship
Fruit = Action, works, doing
Garments = Covering of righteousness
Grass = Masses of mankind
Hail = Hard truth, divine judgment from Heaven
Harlot = Idol worshipper, corrupt, apostate
Harvest = Ingathering
Healing = Salvation
Honey = Happy life
Horn = Strength and power, rulers, man’s government
Image = Likeness
Islands = Organizations of people
Jar = Vessel, person
Lamp = Indwelling Spirit of God, Holy Scripture
Lightning = Flashes, diffusion of truth and knowledge
Light = God Almighty
Leprosy = Sickness, sin leading to death
Measuring Rod = God’s Word
Merchants = Selling false teachings and requiring tithes
Mountain = Political religion, man’s kingdom governments
Night = Spiritual darkness, wrath, judgment
Oil = Holy Spirit anointing
Pit = Without a Bible foundation
Plague = Wrath of God on sin
Rain = Blessings
Rock = Truth
Sackcloth = Mourning, sorrow
Salt = Incorruptible life, preservation
Sand = People, multitudes
Scepter = Power, authority, kingship
Sea = Restless mass of humanity, unruly people, nations
Seal = Sign or mark of approval or disapproval
Seat = Power of authority
Seed = Message of truth
Shield = Faith and truth
Sickle = Reaping
Stiff-necked = Stubbornness, resistance to God’s authority
Sweat = Man's efforts and work
Sword = Word of God
Tabernacle = God’s existence
Tares = Children of error
Thorns = Sin’s curse
Trees = Prominent men
Trumpet/Shofar = Warning of God's coming approach
Torment = Test by trial
Two-edged sword = Blessings and curses
Valley = Lowly and meek
Virgin = Pure, clean
Wings = Protection, deliverance
Water = Truth, God’s Word of life
Wheat = Faithful followers, children of truth
Wind = God’s Spirit, breath of life
Winds = Man’s strife, commotions, wars
Wine = Blood covenant of life, good doctrine
Whoredoms = Idolatry, false doctrines, unclean
Wormwood = Bitterness, lies
Yoke = Servitude, bond servant fellowship

Don't stop here. This list just scratches the surface of the depth of the scrolls. There's much more to learn.

For further study you might want to check out these resources:

Interpreting The Symbols and Types by Kevin J. Conner. Published in 1980 and updated in 1996.

Dictionary of Bible Themes by Martin H. Manser

The A to Z Guide to Bible Signs and Symbols Understanding Their Meaning and Significance by: Neil Wilson, Nancy Ryken Taylor

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge by R. A. Torrey

In addition to unlocking Scripture through an understanding symbols and types, there are hundreds of Hebraisms found in the Newer Testament that are explained verse by verse in this book that will open your eyes to the Jewish roots of the faith:

Hebraisms in the Original Renewed Covenant by Rabbi Julio Dam. Published in 2015.